Is not one of the advantages of being president which you simply get to know all of the key dirt on UFOs and extraterrestrial beings ? Yeah, throw this film cliche right from the window, seemingly.

Videos of those mysterious items have surfaced before a highly expected unclassified Pentagon report, anticipated to be sent to Congress this season.

While the president finds that the idea of contact”intriguing,” he says”it would not alter my politics in any way.”

Obama said his whole thought of politics”is premised on the fact that we’re these very small organisms with this small speck floating in the center of area.” He used it for instance together with his staffers, the former president explained.

“When we were going through tough political times, and I would Attempt to cheer up my staff, I would tell them a statistic which John Holdren, my mathematics advisor, told mepersonally, that was that there are more stars in the known world than there are grains of sand around earth Earth,” he informed Klein

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He want to see contact aliens bring the world collectively, Obama said, but he is also realistic. “I’d hope that the understanding that there were aliens out there could solidify people’s awareness what we have in common is a bit more significant,” he explained. “However, no doubt that there could be instant arguments about such as, well, we must devote a good deal more money on weapons systems to protect ourselves. And who knows what sort of discussions we get into? We are good at producing arguments for one another.”