The 46-year older Chinese Zhang Hong has climbed the tallest peak on the planet in the Nepal side, becoming the first blind person in Asia and the third in the world to scale Mount Everest.

“Regardless of if you are disabled or normal, if you’ve lost your vision or you don’t have any hands or legs, it does not matter as long as you’ve got a strong head, you always have the option to finish a thing which other men and women say you can not,” Zhang told.

Zhang finished the 8,849 metre-high Himalayan effort on May 24 and three high elevation manuals, and came back to the base camp on Thursday, May 27.

He had been motivated by Erik Weihenmayer, a blind American mountaineer who scaled Everest in 2001, and started training under the advice of his mountain manual buddy Qiang Zi.

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“I was very scared, since I could not see where I had been walking, and that I could not find my center of gravity, so occasionally I’d collapse,” explained Zhang.

“However, I kept believing because even though it had been challenging, I needed to face those issues, this is 1 part of scaling, there are dangers and difficulties and this is actually the significance of scaling.”