NextGen Creative picture while shooting a production

NextGen Creative, a Production House and Full-Service Creative Agency founded by young creatives Carolina Sobrino and Sergi Penalba in the middle of a world pandemic, now flaunts clients such as Dazn, Suspicious Antwerp and Redbull. 


Sergi is an experienced Videographer and Editor, and Carolina has worked as Director of Marketing for years, they are both passionate about the power of Marketing and the influence it has on scaling brands. 


In a little over a year since their launch, the company has worked with more than 40 brands and individuals to craft inspiring content that connects with global communities, turning clients into brand ambassadors. 

Picture of Sergi Penalba and Carolina Sobrino who are running NextGen Creative

Their strategic edge to disrupt and unique vision, provides every-company with tailor-made dynamic audiovisual content and marketing solutions to push their brand to the highest level. Their services include Videography, Photography, Social Media Management, SEO and Consulting. 

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The biggest productions are done in-house, with the company’s newest portfolio echoing recent movements aimed at emphasizing the importance of Sustainability and Innovation for clients such as the Government of Mexico and the European Union. 

Picture of Sergi Penalba while holding a camera who is running NextGen Creative

NextGen Creative boasts a pool of over 35 of the best creatives around the world. ¨There is a lot of competition within the creative industry, we wanted to do the opposite. Give work to those creatives that we knew would do the work best for each specific client¨.


This Purpose and Results-driven company aims to continue its growing list of clients and turnover, whilst (as its website states) continuing to “Always deliver more than Expected¨.

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