Near Atlanta, man wanted to shoot Daytona Beach officer in head

Anothernmn b  Wallace was the suspect in the shooting death of Jason Raynor, a Daytona Beach police officer, Wednesday night. He was taken into custody at a property outside Atlanta, police said.

The property is located in a wooded area. It is associated with the ‘Not F**king Around Coalition (NFAC), a Black Nationalist paramilitary organization, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Youth stated.
The chief stated that Wallace was found in a treehouse containing multiple flashbangs and rifle plates. He also had several boxes of ammunition and two rifles. Young stated that a large arsenal of weapons was also found in the main residence. Four other people were also on the property.
Young claimed Wallace made a statement after his arrest and said, “You guys are aware of who I am.” You know what I can do, and it could have turned out worse.”

Young stated that Raynor, 26 years old, is showing “very positive indicators of improvement.”
“Right now, they feel comfortable moving ahead with more testing because they’ve determined he’s strong enough to tolerate more testing. As of right now, his outlook says that it is improving. We’re going to continue praying that he continues healing.”
The Georgia State Patrol executed the search warrant for the property on which Wallace was located, with the assistance of the DeKalb County Police Department and the United States Marsh Service, FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, and the FBI.
Young reports that a member of the Daytona Beach Police Department was assigned to the US Marshals Task Force and three other Daytona Beach Police officers arrived on the scene to place Officer Raynor’s handcuffs upon Wallace.
Young stated that Wallace would be transferred to Daytona Beach later in the investigation.

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