Tom Cruise has been doing the impossible for 25 years.

“Mission: Impossible” debuted in movie theaters on May 22, 1996, starting a multi-decade franchise of daring stunts and international intrigue, although it’s unlikely that Storm and original director Brian de Palma knew just how long the films goes on.

And honestly, who back then might have guessed an action film based on a rather cheesy 1960s spy TV series could prove to be so rewarding? However, the assignments kept coming for Ethan Hunt (Cruise), a representative with the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) for six films and 25 years, with a seventh movie because in May 2022.

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On the first movie’s 25th anniversary, our mission, which we certainly choose to accept, is to rank the five really good movies (and one that is not so good) from the spy franchise. No death-defying stunts were tried in the development of the position.