Michelle Keegan Stuns in Australia After Long Distance

The former “Our Girl” actress looks ravishing in an asymmetric black top as she poses with a cocktail. However, she has admitted that the time apart from her husband is tough. Keegan says people have asked how she managed the time, so she used FaceTime. Wright admitted to being in the US to film Extra. They are still in touch, but long-distance i is a difficult thing for couples to deal with.

Michelle Keegan looks ravishing in an asymmetrical black top

On a recent trip to Australia, actress Michelle Keegan looked enchanting in an asymmetrical black top. She wore minimal make-up, paired with a comfortable white trainer. Her brunette hair was worn in a relaxed, straight style. Taking to Instagram to share a photo of herself, she captioned the image with an airplane emoji and a yellow heart.

The former Coronation Street actress teamed up her asymmetrical black top with dark blue jeans. The result is a gorgeous ensemble that oozes sophistication and grace. Michelle Keegan looks stunning in her Australian shoot. Despite being in Australia, she still managed to keep her Instagram account updated with her adventures, sharing some stunning images. If you’re wondering if the asymmetrical black top is a new trend for summer, look no further than this slinky ensemble.

The former Coronation Street star has been in Australia filming the BBC drama series Ten Pound Poms. The six-part series follows a group of British emigrants in 1956 as they leave their homeland to start a new life in the country. She also looks remarkably gorgeous in the asymmetrical black top. She accessorized her look with gold earrings and a pendant necklace.

She poses with a cocktail

After a seven-week absence, Mark and Michelle finally reunited in Australia after eight weeks apart. Mark was in Australia to film A Wright Old Adventure while Michelle was in LA. Though it was difficult for him to travel to Australia, he said that the fact that they work in the same industry is good for their relationship. Even though Mark has been working abroad for a long time, he still thinks the two share a good relationship.

Mark and Michelle were married in 2015 after dating in 2012. However, they recently separated for eight weeks for the filming of a new drama. They have also recently received a reported PS2.5 million each for their television work, which makes them the richest young couple on TV. But there is still no official confirmation about the relationship, with neither party publicly confirming or denying it.

While filming the BBC drama Ten Pound Poms, the actress has also been spending time in Australia. The pair stopped for a romantic drink in Manly. She tagged her husband Mark Wright in the photo. The long-distance couple also stopped for a meal at a Cantonese restaurant and had an intimate dinner. Mark Wright recently admitted that his long-distance relationship is not easy, and they had to make it work.

She admits long-distance I don’t understand

After years of dating, Mark and Michelle Wright finally tied the knot in a lavish Australian wedding in 2015. The couple had been dating for more than ten years, and the marriage was a long-awaited milestone for both. Mark and Michelle were spotted spending time together at the Cantonese restaurant Mr. Wong, where the couple had dinner.

The couple recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary, and in celebration, the actress posted a picture on Instagram. The photo of the couple on the aisle was shared alongside a picture of the couple outside the church. Michelle’s reception pamphlet featured ‘M&M’, a play on their names, and a couple of dozen trees in the church. However, the couple has spoken about the difficulty of maintaining a long-distance relationship.
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The actress, whose marriage to Mark Wright was reportedly strained for several years, recently explained that she didn’t understand his desire for a longer relationship with his Australian partner. But she reveals that she still loves her partner and is glad to have her father as a support system and source of support. Mark also admitted that the bond between him and his parents is special. He sits with them in the evening and enjoys coffee with them in the morning.