Michael Sheen has guaranteed that the Queen “pushed him away” subsequent to accepting his OBE, an esteemed honor that the entertainer later returned.

The entertainer, during his appearance on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show in 2009, portrayed his gathering with the ruler, saying: “You get before the Queen and there’s this large number of rules and the behavior — you should never betray the Queen and this sort of stuff.”

He then portrayed how an assistant stands adjacent to the Queen to remind her’s who and said: “She comes up, approaches to put the award on you. And afterward she said: ‘So the thing would you say you are doing straightaway?'”

After a speedy talk about his then-forthcoming job in the 2010 film ‘The Special Relationship’, the entertainer said the Queen was prepared to continue on toward the following individual.

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He proceeded: “She should meet such countless individuals, apparently a many individuals get a piece bunny in the headlights with her.

“So she does this thing where she shakes your hand and afterward when now is the right time to go, she only sort of pushes you away.”

Michael Sheen conceded that nerves might have the better of him while attempting to recall all of the behavior rules for meeting the Queen.

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