According to Variety, a new Michael Jackson biopic has been approved by the estate of the late pop icon. The film will explore the singer’s rise from his days with The Five to his court battles over allegations of child molestation. The late pop star died at the age of 50 in 2009. However, the Jackson estate continues to work with the filmmakers to make the film, which will be co-produced by Logan and King. The two previously collaborated on Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator and Rid Scott’s Gladiator.

John Logan, a screenwriter with a history of working with the Jackson estate, will helm the film. He also wrote the screenplay for the Martin Scorsese film The Aviator and the Sam Mendes biopic Celestial Fall. The Jackson estate is working with Graham King and John Branca, who are co-executors and co-executives of the Jackson estate.

The Michael Jackson biopic will follow the singer’s life from his early childhood to his death, from his childhood to his rise to superstardom. The filmmakers of the film will be Graham King, who also co-produced the musical MJ, but the Jackson estate will have final approval. The biopic will highlight some of Jackson’s most iconic performances and provide insight into the artist’s personal life.

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The production team of the movie will include the Jackson estate, and it is likely that the film will be an in-depth portrait of the complicated man behind the iconic performances of the pop star. The movie is not expected to tackle the allegations of child abuse or sexual abuse, but it may address King’s relationship with the King. Although there have been rumors of a ghost marriage, the Jackson estate has not ruled out making the film a reality.

As the Jackson estate has approved the film, there is no guarantee that it will be released in theaters. The film is a highly personal one, and should not compete for audience attention. The Jackson family is the most important part of the film’s development team. This will ensure that the movie meets the strictest standards. The family and the Jackson estate’s wishes in all aspects.

A biopic of the late pop star will be a highly detailed portrait of the artist. The film will feature the most iconic performances of the late pop icon. It will also provide an insight into his artistic process as well as his personal life. The King’s close relationship with Jackson also made the movie more authentic and touching. If the Michael Jackson estate approves of the film, it will be a huge win for the entertainment industry.

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