Kristen Stewart is of the view the Prince William as well as Prince Harry “function positively in the world”.

The actress’s remarks came after she sat within the brother’s former mom Princess Diana’s shoe in her film biopic Spencer.

When speaking to Vogue Australia, she talked about the two princes who carry the legacy of the late princess even though they’re in very different directions.

“Diana’s legacy is walking and talking,” she added.

“They’re both very clearly examples of two sides.”

She also talked about the two paths both brothers followed, and prince William being a prince and Prince Harry is living an independent lifestyle together with wife Meghan Markle, who lives in the US.

It was believed by the actress that, even in the midst of the drama among the two brothers there was neither right nor wrong, and insists that they behaved “positively in the world”.

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“I don’t think either is right or wrong. I think that both of those boys function so positively in the world. I see her in them, as a fan, as somebody who’s really been obsessively watching [Diana], it’s really nice to see,” she told me.