Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday said Mexico will ask the U.S. for around 3.5 million additional dosages of COVID-19 immunizations as the nation manages a third flood in Covid cases

López Obrador said he anticipated talking about the immunization demand with Vice President Kamala Harris during a call booked later Monday

Mexico is presently announcing more than 20,000 new COVID-19 cases every day.

As per the Mexican President, the U.S. had offered Mexico the Moderna antibody, however Mexican authorities couldn’t get the required endorsements on schedule so they are presently thinking about the Pfizer immunization.

The AP noticed that the U.S. given over 1.3 million Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 antibody portions to Mexico in June. The U.S. has so far gave more than 4 million antibody portions to Mexico in general.

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On Sunday it was accounted for that López Obrador would talk about the COVID-19 pandemic with Harris during their booked call and it was recommended that he would raise a solicitation for additional antibodies.

As per information from the World Health Organization (WHO), Mexico has detailed almost 3 million COVID-19 cases and in excess of 244,000 related passings. Almost 70 million immunization dosages have been directed. In excess of 20% of Mexico’s populace is completely immunized.