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Julie Bowen is being hailed as a saint in the wake of keeping an eye on a harmed explorer in the Utah wild.

Minnie John said she was climbing in Arches National Park with her significant other and child on Aug. 2 when she got dazed. In the wake of disclosing to her family to progress forward with the climb, the lady plunked down on a stone on a semi-disconnected piece of the path and attempted to pause and rest.

She before long blacked out and fell forward, to some extent arrival all over.

“I twisted forward into my knees and was holding my head,” she said. “That is all I recollect.”

Fortunately for Minnie, the “Advanced Family” star and her sister Annie Luetkemeyer, a specialist having some expertise in irresistible infections, had been climbing close by and went over the New Jersey lady, who was oblivious. At the point when Minnie came to awareness, she discovered Julie and Annie watching out for her and wrapping her nose.

“I continued hearing Julie talking and coordinating others, revealing to me I would have been OK,” Minnie said.

Now she began to perceive Julie — or possibly she figured she did.

“My eyes are zeroing in on Julie and I continued saying ‘Are you certain I don’t know you?,'” Minnie said.

While keeping Minnie talking, Julie then, at that point took her clasp off and requested that the lady think about how she knew her.

“Then, at that point she said Modern Family and I’m similar to, ‘gracious my gosh, no doubt about it!'” Minnie said.

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Julie and Annie held up with Minnie until she was brought together with her significant other and child. When Minnie headed out in different directions from her well known rescuer, Minnie went to a nearby clinic and was treated for a broke nose and given five fastens.

“When you’re in isolation and you have nobody, you simply have God,” she said. “Also, God sent [Julie and Annie.] I wasn’t in any event, lying there. They saw me fall and they quickly got to me and they dealt with me. Actually like the great Samaritan in the Bible.”

After the episode, Julie and her family climbed up the notorious Delicate Arch. She shared a picture to Instagram.