Metaverse Company Condense Raises $4.5 Million to Accelerate VR Streaming A Round

A Bristol, England-based company that produces technology for virtual reality streaming events has raised $4.5 million in a seed round led by LocalGlobe, 7 Cent Ventures, and DeepTech Labs. Condense plans to use the funds to build deeper relationships with artists and content creators to use its Metaverse platform. The company also hopes that other companies will adopt its technology as a way to enhance the user experience.


After raising money for its software and metaverse platform, Metaverse Company Condense has launched the world’s first “metaverse studio.” The studio works with the Watershed, a cultural cinema and creative technology venue in New York City. Its first studio is a “metaverse event space” that seats a live audience. Condense plans to launch a London studio shortly. The company also plans to open other studios worldwide. The company’s technology eliminates the need for post-production and green screens, allowing artists to connect directly with their fans.

Video 3.0

Bristol-based metaverse infrastructure company Condense has raised $4.5 million to accelerate its VR streaming A round. The company plans to develop the technology to allow live streaming of events in VR. The company will use a portable multi-camera system to capture events in real time and stream them in 3D. This will enable businesses to integrate the 3D footage into their virtual worlds.

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Bristol arena

Condense, a Bristol-based company that produces metaverse streaming technology, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding. The investment is led by 7percent Ventures and Localglobe, and will be used to enhance its relationships with content creators and expand its reach to additional businesses. The company’s plan is to launch the metaverse within the next year. The company has received over $4.5 million in funding from investors including localglobe, 7percent Ventures, and Deeptech Labs.

Artificial Intelligence

The latest news about the Metaverse has it that artificial intelligence is taking the stage. AI is currently a key technology for the immersive experience that the metaverse is known for. As the technology continues to progress, AI is being used to help the company manage data and ensure a smooth user experience. Metaverse environments will generate massive amounts of new data, and AI will help humans understand the intent of users. With the help of AI, Metaverse companies will be able to scale up their services and meet the demands of more users.

Streaming live events into the metaverse

The Bristol, England-based provider is the first to utilize metaverse streaming innovation to create VR experiences. The company’s seed funding round, led by 7percent Ventures and Localglobe, will allow it to build deeper connections with content creators and tag managers as well as implement its metaverse plan. This round also includes a significant investment from acclaimed music manager Grace Ladoja MBE.