Megan Fox Shuts Down Cheating Rumors About Machine Gun Kelly and Returns To Instagram

It looks like the rumors were wrong — Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are happily together despite what people might be saying online. Megan Fox is back on Instagram, fervently denying any cheating allegations in her relationship with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly and making sure to let everyone know that nothing can bring them apart. Read on to find out more about this story!

Introduction: Megan Fox’s Return to Instagram

Megan Fox has returned to Instagram after a brief hiatus, during which time rumors had circulated that she was cheating on her husband, Brian Austin Green, with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Fox shut down those rumors with a post on her Instagram account, in which she shared a video of herself and Kelly working on a music video for his song “Bloody Valentine.”

In the caption for the video, Fox wrote: “I’m not sure what’s worse: people presuming they know things about my life without ever having met me or speaking to me… or people who don’t know when to stop trolling. Either way, it’s obnoxious and childish.”

She added: “Myself and @machinegunkelly are friends. I’ve never met him before working on this video. That is it. I think he’s a talented artist with tons of potential. And no one should ever try to tell another person what they can or cannot do with their own life.”

Fox concluded her message by saying: “It’s downright irresponsible during such a sensitive time in our world.”

Details of the Cheating Rumors

It has been reported that Megan Fox has shut down rumors about her cheating on her husband, Brian Austin Green, with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Reports started swirling when Fox was spotted getting cozy with MGK while filming the upcoming movie Midnight in the Switchgrass. The rumors picked up even more steam when it was revealed that Green had removed his wedding ring and was not wearing it in public.

For his part, MGK has denied any wrongdoing, saying that he and Fox are just friends.

Now, it seems that Fox has also put an end to the rumors, returning to Instagram after a brief absence and liking several photos of herself and Green together.

Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s Relationship

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship appears to be going strong, despite recent cheating rumors. The actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to shut down the rumors, writing, “People have been saying crazy things about our relationship for years. But I’ve never responded because I don’t like to give energy to nonsense. But this is different.”

Fox continued, “These libelous and degrading stories about our relationship are fabricated by anonymous sources and are completely false.” She also wrote that she and Kelly “choose not to publicly acknowledge or give credence to these ridiculous claims” but that she felt the need to speak out this time because “the lies being told about him right now are a special kind of evil.”

The actress concluded her statement by writing, “So please believe nothing from these third party accounts unless you hear it from me directly. Luckily we don’t have these kinds of problems.”

Fox and Kelly first started dating in May 2020 after meeting on the set of their upcoming film, Midnight in the Switchgrass. They have since been inseparable, with Fox even getting a tattoo of Kelly’s name on her neck.

Social Media Reactions to the Rumors

The rumors about Megan Fox cheating on her husband with Machine Gun Kelly have been swirling for weeks now, and the actress has finally broken her silence on the matter. Taking to her Instagram stories, Fox shut down the rumors once and for all, writing, “AITA for returning to social media after a mini break? also AITA for thinking MGK is hot as f*ck?”

The response to Fox’s return to social media was largely positive, with fans praising her for her honesty and sense of humor. However, some people were less than impressed with her language, with one user writing, “Not a good look Megan… cursing like that.”

overall, it seems like people are glad to see Megan back on social media and are appreciative of her candidness about the MGK rumors.

How Megan Shut Down the Rumors

Megan Fox has returned to Instagram after a brief break and she’s shutting down rumors about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

The actress took to her Stories to address the speculation that she had cheated on her estranged husband, Brian Austin Green, with MGK.

“I would never ever ever hurt my family,” Megan said. “They are everything to me.”

She continued, “I would rather die than cause them any harm.”

It’s clear that Megan is still very much dedicated to her family, despite the fact that she and Brian have been estranged for several months now.

Rumors about Megan and MGK started swirling after they were spotted getting cozy on set of their upcoming film, Midnight in the Switchgrass.

The pair has since been seen spending time together off-set as well, further fueling the cheating rumors.

However, it seems like Megan is adamant about setting the record straight and making it known that she would never do anything to hurt her family.

Fox’s Return to Instagram

After a brief hiatus from Instagram, Megan Fox is back and refuting accusations that she cheated on her estranged husband, Brian Austin Green, with Machine Gun Kelly.

The Transformers actress took to her Stories to deny the rumors, which first circulated after she was spotted out with the rapper in Los Angeles last month.

“A friend of mine called me today and said that I am trending on Twitter because apparently people think that I have been cheating on my husband Brian with MGK,” Megan began. “I feel like I really have to address this one.”

“These rumors are really hurting my feelings,” she continued. “Because I’ve never been accused of anything in my life. And I’m sure so many women can relate when I say that you just feel absolutely helpless when you’re being accused of something that you know you’re not doing.”

“But, luckily for me, I know the truth and those close to me do as well,” Megan concluded. “So these stupid rumors can just stay over there on Twitter where they belong.”

This isn’t the first time Megan has shut down cheating rumors – she did so back in August after she was photographed kissing MGK during a outing in Los Angeles.


Megan Fox’s reaction to the recent rumors of cheating with Machine Gun Kelly is a perfect example of how one can react decisively and in control, shutting down the gossip for good. Her exceptional approach has undoubtedly left many people feeling inspired, more so because it came almost 15 years after her career began when she debuted at age 12 in 2004. We could all take a page from Megan on this one – take care of your own business, be honest and upfront about what you know and don’t let anyone drag your name through the mud without fighting back.