Ronaldo Nazario, 45, ended his career as a player in 2011, but, before that, he had already started in the business of being a businessman. This aspect accompanies him since the second part of the trajectory inside the lawn. But, like an athlete, he was gaining experience, the stuff, learning to position himself better and better in his field.

Ronaldo’s professional life formally began in 1998, which would be his toughest year on the field, when he suffered a convulsion before the World Cup final in France and was still on the field. The attacker seemed to believe that all charges, which also affected his well-being, should have a plan B if, due to injury, health or even the natural termination of his career, a new life was necessary to manage. A player’s career ends when he is on average 35 years old. Some extend for longer seasons. In Ronaldo’s case, he announced his retirement at the age of 34.

Then came projects like R9 Nightclub, in 1998, in Leblon, and in the center of, is already extinct Physiotherapy R9Created in 2002 after recovering from a broken knee and becoming world champion, remains active in Rio. Those were Ronaldo’s pursuits of his own life: a taste for fun with friends and a concern for taking care of his body, especially in relation to physical recovery.

The former director says that after the end of his career as a player, he did not give advice to Ronaldo. “I didn’t say anything else to Ronaldo about business in football. When he played for the club, in more serious financial decisions, he asked me for my opinion and I helped.”

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Ronaldo, a businessman, does not have the profile of someone who is precocious. He strives to be careful, to think before he speaks, and to surround himself with more qualified professionals than he guides him. In contrast to his characteristics as a sportsman, his sprints, with speed and bursts of muscle, which were fast, left no trace.

“Ronaldo is a cautious businessman, far from being hasty or unreasonable. He is very careful when investing,” says Rosenberg. To him, Ronaldo is a calculative, cold man looking for the right time to close a deal. So it feels amazing when a news is announced, but he has already put all the pieces together and it is sure to be done. In the professional arena, Ronaldo is more like a defender: safe and only good balls.