McGregor pays 3 times more at UFC 264

Fighting for IrelandConor McGregorHe was paid three times more than Dustin PourierWhen he fought atUFC264

According to the US, McGregor will earn a higher income from the fight against Poirier, which will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada, United States on Sunday, 11/7. The fight is estimated to be worth IDR 55.7 billion.

It is difficult to estimate the exact pay for the Poirier-McGregor fight. The promoter has not been forthcoming about the pay of McGregor and Poirier.

McGregor is expected to receive a fee of US$ 3 million, or Rp. 43.3 billion. This figure does not include 60 percent of the revenue from pay-per-impression (PPV).

McGregor pays 3 times more at UFC 264

McGregor will be able to collect a total of 10,000,000 dollars, or Rp. 144.5 billion for the fight against Poirier. This amount includes guaranteed pay, PPV profits sharing, sponsorship, bonuses, and other benefits.

The Notorious’ income is not considered to be bad. It is estimated that The Notorious has a net worth around Rp 200 USD. 2.89 trillion.

Porier will receive $1 million dollars and 40% of the PPV revenues. This includes security deposit, PPV profits sharing, sponsorship, as well as bonuses.

Diamond, a fighter known as Diamond, is expected to take home a total of US$3,000,000 or Rp. 43.3 billion This is a huge amount of income for a fighter with a net worth between US$2million and 4 million.

McGregor vs Poirier will be their third meeting, with a draw in the first two meetings. McGregor defeated Poirier by TKO in round one at UFC 178 last September 2014.

Six years later, Poirier got his revenge when he defeated McGregor at UFC 257. After briefly limping McGregor, Poirier knocked McGregor out in round 2.

McGregor and Poirer entered their third bout with respective records of 27-6-0 and 22-5. Following their victories over McGregor and Dan Hooker, the Diamonds want to win their third consecutive bout.

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McGregor has fought only once in the past two and a quarter years. McGregor is now attempting to avoid a losing streak in the UFC arena.