Richard Branson will try to beat Jeff Bezos in space.

Interview with the newspaper NEAMaria Mourelatou, a journalist, explains her feelings about a year later.

“The doctors informed me from the beginning that this was not a 100-meter run, but a marathon. Rehabilitating is a difficult process that requires endurance. You learn to live with the pain. Since the day of the assassination attempt focus solely on my health and the goals I have for the future. While I don’t always succeed, I still experience emotional fluctuations.Effects of post-traumatic stress resulting from the mental injury I suffered“. “.Fear for the future is strong distancing andSuspicionI feel angry at the injustices that have been done to me, which was something that I had never experienced before. He notes that I manage all of this with the support of my psychiatrist. He is there to help me to control my bad feelings and keep me on track.

Petraki Monastery was attacked

Ioanna also stated that she was shocked at what had happened inPetsMonasteryShe expressed concern at the fact that she is not being used as a deterrent against the attack on her. copyright time passes, the dangers of being in a dangerous situation increase.

“She wouldn’t stop until she reached her goal.”

When asked if there would be any changes if he could go back in time, he replied that “one of the first things victims feel after such an unprovoked attack is the feeling of being beaten.”Guilt

“I was searching for it for many months.”What I didn’t do right because I couldn’t protect myself, I didn’t realize that a criminal had been watching me for nearly two years. It is a heavy burden on my soul. It can be very difficult to understand the situation you are in. Actually, it is not true.It was beyond my power to do anything.. This is the conclusion of the police investigation. It takes into account the persistence and assassination attempts made against me by my near-murderer and at least five other assassination attempts. Three were in my home according to an eyewitness, and two in my office. It wouldn’t stop until it reached its goal.

She also said that she is very fortunate in that her family and close friends are always there for her. “In addition, it was an occasion to meet new friends with their help, I was able to take important steps. Under such circumstances, it is impossible to do so alone. You lose everything beneath your feet if you try to build something with humility and all your resources. Your mind and your courage are gone. While you are called to confront a lot of things, they also take away your strength as well as your health.

“People who have supported can’t give me skin, and I can’t suffer pain for you is possible. Only I can do this. It is my duty to take care of other responsibilities. My strength comes from the people and their support. They show me how strong I can be. I don’t consider myself capable. He confesses that he draws his strength from the support he receives from people.

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“Let this woman do no harm again.”

She expresses her desire to rebuild her life with those she loves and be happy again.

“I want to be sure that the woman responsible for my condition won’t do more harm to me and anyone else. This implies that her sentence and the years she will spend in prison will be used as punishment. Instead of venting her anger or self-destructing, she decided to use the time after the attack to express herself.becameCompletelyDisillusioned. I was fighting for my life in the hospital and she kept trying to kill me.Looking for new poisons?A way toBuy agun. This is what scares my hell.I don’t know what to expect or how peace can be achieved.“He concludes.