Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks 'Commies' Who Supported Voting Rights Bill

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia congresswoman, has criticized the sweeping election bill as well as the “commies”, who supported it after it had been blocked by a GOP filibuster.

After it failed to pass a Senate election on Tuesday, the future of the For the People Act is now in doubt. It would have required major reforms of the existing electoral system and voting laws.

After a split vote of 50-50, the Democrats’ bill was defeated. This means that it did not reach the required 60 votes to defeat a Republican filibuster. All 50 Democrats supported the bill, while all 50 Republicans opposed it.

The Georgia representative posted on social media that “This bill was horrible… Never give an inch to those commies!” She shared an article on the GOP filibuster that blocked the Democrats’ attempts to alter almost every aspect about how elections are run.

The GOP opposed not only the original 800-page bill but also the moderated version proposed by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin

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Republicans have criticized the voting rights bill for being a power grab by Democrats, and suggested that individual states should make election laws rather than the federal government.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated that the rejection of bill was a huge win for Americans in a speech on the Senate Floor.

Cruz stated, “I rise today in celebration of a win for our country.” “Today, America has wrongly failed to promote the corrupt politicians act.”

The Republican party supports restrictive laws in many states, such as Georgia and Florida. These include requiring proof that you are an individual to vote absentee and restricting the drop-off of ballots.

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For the People Act would have put into effect plans like automatic voter registration, eliminating other obstacles to voting, and limiting partisan involvement when drawing congressional districts.

Kamala Harris , Vice President, described the GOP’s rejection of a bill that would make it easier to vote by the GOP as an “unprecedented attack on voting rights”.

Harris said that there are “unjust bills in dozens state legislatures, which would limit early voting and vote via mail and make it more difficult for Americans to vote.” These attacks are not meant to silence certain Americans. However, they have a huge impact on all Americans.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also criticised Republicans for blocking the bill through a series tweets.

Schumer stated that “Every single Senate Republican voted against starting debate on critical voting right legislation.” “Senate Republicans signed their names again alongside Trump, the Big Lie and voter suppression. Do not mistake: The battle in the Senate for voting rights protection is not over.

Schumer said that “Every single Democratic Senator stood united in the fight for the right to vote” “Make no mistake, Democrats will not allow this to go. This Senate will continue to debate voting rights legislation.

“This voter suppression by GOP legislatures can’t stand. We will continue to fight to ensure that this does not happen.”

Greene was contacted for more information.