Maisie Smith Plauded For Body Positive Bikini Post

In a body-positive bikini post about her ‘thunder thighs’, Strictly Come Dancing contestant Maisie Smith took a selfie and sang along to ‘Victoria’s Secret’ by Jax. The 30-year-old has opened up about her self-hatred and dislike of her thighs before. Since she was on Strictly, the model has spoken openly about her dislike of her legs and hit out against cruel trolls.

‘Thunder thighs’

Actress Maisie Smith has been praised for her body confidence after she shared a video of herself in a silver bikini on TikTok, where she praised ‘thunder thighs. The actress, who played Tiffany Butcher in EastEnders, also wore a loose bun, sunglasses, and Victoria’s Secret bikini as she danced to the song Victoria’s Secret by Jax. Maisie Smith has been open in the past about her body confidence issues.

The actress, who has nearly a million followers, posted a video of herself dancing in a silver string bikini on TikTok with captions about her ‘thunder thighs. The video also included a singing video, Victoria’s Secret by Jax. Smith had previously admitted to self-hatred because of her ‘thunder thighs, and she also hit out at nasty trolls on the platform.
Maisie Smith Plauded For Body Positive Bikini Post

Showing off ‘thighs’ in a thong bikini

The former EastEnders actress, 25, recently revealed her ‘thunder thighs’ in a thong bikini. She has previously talked about her ‘thunder thighs’ in various interviews, and her recent video proved that she is no stranger to body image issues. Maisie Smith also showed off her amazing figure in a TikTok video. The actress also wore her trademark messy bun and sunglasses.

Fans are applauding her self-love video, and have hailed her as “perfect” and “beautiful”. During her trip to Mexico, the actress showed off her ‘thunder thighs’ in a thong bikini, posing on a hotel balcony with her back against a glass pane. Maisie’s trip to Mexico has been well-publicized, and her photos of her holiday have been gaining a ton of followers.

Maisie Smith’s ‘thunder thighs’ in a thong bikini

The former EastEnders actress has stepped out in a skimpy thong bikini and shared a video of herself dancing to Victoria’s Secret hit on TikTok. In the video, Smith flexed her muscles and sang along to the viral hit Victoria’s Secret, a song by Jax. The actress is no stranger to the spotlight, having previously opened up about hating her legs and singing along to Victoria’s Secret hit. The actress was on holiday in Portugal and wore a messy bun and sunglasses.

Maisie Smith’s ‘thunder-thighs’ are no strangers to the spotlight, as the actress has often spoken about them in public. But revealing these ‘thunder thighs’ in a thong bikini is a different story. In her TikTok video, the actress leaned over the railing, exposing her peachy behind. Fans couldn’t help but take notice of her stunning body.