Ekin-Su Becomes Face of Fashion Brand in Biggest Deal in Show History

If you’re wondering how Ekin-Su is the latest celebrity to score a big endorsement deal, then this article is for you! Read on to discover how this popular model appeals to brands, and why her relationship with Oh Polly might be the key to this success. Here are some things you should know about the newcomer to the show.

Ekin-Su is the face of the fashion brand in the biggest deal in show history

The latest winner of Love Island is Ekin-Su Culculoglu, who has landed a deal worth over PS1 million with a fashion brand called Oh Polly. The winner said she was flooded with offers from big fashion brands but decided to be picky about her brand choice. Oh, Polly is one of the most popular brands on the show, which makes the deal even more exciting.

After announcing her win on Love Island 2022, Ekin-Su Culculoglu has signed a mega fashion brand deal. Oh, Polly has signed her to become the face of their fashion brand. The show has made many fashion deals since the show began, and Ekin-Su’s deal with Oh Polly is one of the biggest in show history.

Since the show ended, Ekin-Su has built a successful professional career, which has also led to a booming personal life. She and her partner Davide Sanclimenti, a businessman, became close during the show and are now together afterward. The couple plans to move in together this fall. They were previously friends but have been dating since the show ended.
Ekin-Su Becomes Face of Fashion Brand in Biggest Deal in Show History

Her appeal to brands

As a model and influencer, Ekin-Su has a large following. However, her appeal to brands goes beyond clothing and fashion labels. She is also an ambassador for the charity FoodSOS, founded by Love Island U.K. alum Molly Mae. Her appeal to brands is evident in her many endorsements. But what does she have to offer? This article examines her background and how she made the transition from a university student to a fashion ambassador.

Her character has become a star in the new season. She’s a free spirit and has gained much-deserved recognition as such. She is one of the Islanders that other women seek out for support and comfort. Yet her antics have also made her a polarizing character. This is partly because Ekin-Su’s character has gained an air of sex-divided fame.

Love Island fans have taken note of her impressive social media presence. After all, the show’s producers have given her exclusive rights to ITV, which has an enormous following. If Ekin-Su and Davide were to have their show, the ratings would be sure to soar. But whether or not they get their show, the potential earnings for the two of them are incredibly high. The stars of the show can earn millions of pounds just by appearing on it.

Her relationship with Oh Polly

After landing the biggest fashion deal on Love Island, Ekin-Su Culculoglu is about to sign a contract with an online retailer. According to reports, the two of them are expected to make more than PS1 million. After winning the show with boyfriend Davide Sanclimenti, the former model had to decide between two offers. The latter came when she was trying to find a “green” brand to partner with. Luckily, she found it with Oh Polly.

The two have been dating for a couple of weeks now, but people are already speculating that they’re about to tie the knot. A recent TikTok video appears to show Ekin-Su wearing an engagement ring. The couple hasn’t ruled out a marriage, but they aren’t ready to commit yet. This is an exciting time for them, as they are just beginning their romance.

Meanwhile, Davide and Ekin-Su are already talking to another bombshell after a rocky Love Island season. The two were spotted kissing each other in public and filmed a reunion episode. Ekin-Su, who dated Davide on the show, is now talking to a new bombshell, Adam Collard. The two seem to have come out of their love triangle, but the two aren’t completely over. Ekin-Su has recently taken to Twitter to complain about Davide dragging her to the gym.