Made in Scotland Awards - Sanjeev Kohli, Ivan McKee, Lil' Bobby Hutton, and Dorothy Bain

Taking centre stage at the awards ceremony at the Queen’s Hall on May 18, Sanjeev Kohli, Ivan McKee, Lil’ Bobby Hutton, Lauren Tobin, and many more are among the Scottish businessmen and women bringing success to the region. The ceremony also features performances from comedians Sanjeev Kohli and Lil’ Bobby Hutton. Tickets and tables are still available; visit the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland’s website to get more information.

Sanjeev Kohli

Speaking at the awards ceremony will be the former business minister and Panther M*lk entrepreneur. He is a popular speaker and has also appeared on BBC TV. He has a background in children’s TV, where he starred in the cartoon series Meet the Magoons. Sanjeev also presented on the tea-time magazine show The Hour with Michelle McManus. He currently hosts his own show, Sanjeev Kohli’s Big Talk, which features a panel of guests discussing current affairs. The Scottish Business Minister is the brother of Hardeep Kohli, the former Scottish deputy prime minister.

Ivan McKee

Ivan McKee is Scotland’s Minister for Business. He supports the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, and has held senior business and manufacturing roles in many countries. Before being appointed to his current role, McKee served for two years in Bangladesh with the VSO. He also serves as a trustee of CEI, a charity that supports education and health projects there. The Business Minister is an MSP from Glasgow Provan. Born in Glasgow, he studied at the University of Strathclyde and the University of Newcastle.

Lil’ Bobby Hutton

The Black Panther Party has invited Business Minister Lil’ Bobby Hutton to speak at its Made in Scotland event this June. Hutton, a former member of the party, will discuss his life and work. Born in 1950, Hutton was a member of the Black Panther Party and joined when he was sixteen. He joined the group in protest of the Mulford Act, a law passed in 1887 that makes carrying firearms in public illegal.

Lauren Tobin

Scotland’s new lord advocate will be Dorothy Bain QC, who secured Peter Tobin’s first murder conviction. She will also be Scotland’s chief legal advisor. She will replace James Wolffe, who announced he was stepping down after the recent Holyrood election. Bain’s nomination will be confirmed by Holyrood today.

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The Scottish Government is finalising the arrangements for five new tech scaler hubs. This comes as finance secretary Kate Forbes updates parliament on progress with Mark Logan’s Technology Ecosystem Review, an influential report by an ex-Skyscanner executive. The tech scaler hubs will support 300 high-tech start-ups and offer mentorship support to young entrepreneurs. They will also provide access to world-class commercial education.

Apprenticeship system

The Modern Apprenticeship Group and the Scottish Government have both endorsed the framework for the Modern Apprenticeships. These frameworks must contain the mandatory elements, which are credit rated on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. A Modern Apprenticeship is a one-year training course for a particular trade or profession that enables a person to gain experience and skills in a specific field. Apprenticeships are a popular way to gain skills and obtain a job, and the Modern Apprenticeship Group is a key voice of the modern apprenticeship movement.

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