Luxury Homes for Sale in Loomis CA

There were 6 real estate sales in Loomis during the past week, and one of them was for $1.9 million. This was the highest price ever paid for a home in the town. The median price per square foot in Loomis was $394. This is more than twice the Placer County median, which is $312. Two-bedroom homes in the Lake Tahoe area typically sell for over $5 million each.

The most expensive home sold in Loomis last week was a $5,195 square-foot bank-owned property. The lowest priced home in Loomis sold for $98,000. The most expensive was $1,450,000, a 3,196-square-foot property. The highest-priced home in Loomis was listed at $2 million, which means it was on the market for just over four months.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Loomis CA

The highest-priced homes sold in Loomis last week were in Auburn and Penryn. The average price per square foot for these properties was $1.06, while the most expensive home in Loomis was $1.3 million. The median price per square-foot was $468,000. The most expensive home in the area sold for $1,450,000 on Monte Claire Lane in Loomis.

There were 166-home sales in Loomis during the past week. Several properties were multimillion-dollar sales. The most expensive property sold in Loomis was a combination of six properties. The sale price consisted of a waterfront mansion, a 2-bedroom cottage, and a four-bedroom contemporary home. A few of these homes were rented out, but the majority were purchased for more than $1 million.

There were 166 properties sold in Loomis between Oct. 4 and 8 of last year. Among these were several multimillion-dollar properties. The highest-priced property was a combined $13.1 million deal in the village of Skaneateles. A 5-bedroom waterfront mansion in the town of Granite Bay was sold for $2,450,000. It was followed by a seven-bedroom waterfront contemporary home for $1.4 million.

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The most expensive house in Loomis last week was $680,000. In Placerville, 10 homes sold during the past week for a total of $468,002 in price. The average price per square foot was $282. The highest price per square foot was $330,020 for a single-family house in the 1900 block of Cold Springs Road. The prices below are the most expensive homes sold in Loomi this week.

This house was built in 1989 and has a living area of 1,453 square feet. The median price per square foot was $19.75 million. It is a beautiful, spacious home, but the home has a price tag of $22.5 million. The highest-priced home in the area was in the city of Atherton, California. If you are looking for a house in Loomis, be sure to check out the median price.