LSU Loses Entire Basketball Team to Transfer Portal After Will Wade Fires

LSU loses entire basketball team to transfer portal NBA Draft after Will

With the firing of Will Wade, LSU has lost every player on their scholarship roster to the transfer portal. Despite the loss of scholarship players, LSU has a new coach in Bill Self, arguably the best coach in college basketball. While it’s unclear if the firing has anything to do with the loss of scholarship players, Murray State’s transfer players may be good enough to wind up on an NCAA Tournament roster.

LSU loses entire basketball team to transfer portal

After losing their head coach Will Wade over a multitude of NCAA violations, LSU basketball is now in desperate need of a new roster. The Tigers lost eleven players, two to the NBA Draft and four to the 2022 and 2023 draft, leaving the program with zero scholarship players returning from last season. New head coach Matt McMahon will have a huge job to fill in the gaps before next season.

Bill Self is arguably the best coach in college basketball

If you’re looking for a winning coach, there’s no better candidate than Bill Self. The Kansas City Thunder coach has a reputation for having a knack for finding a winning formula. He’s won the NCAA Tournament twice, making him one of only 16 coaches in college basketball history to accomplish that feat. Self is the ultimate charmer and loves nothing more than to coach his son, Tyler. Self still seeks advice from his late father, Bill Self Sr.

Will Wade’s firing is a factor in loss of scholarship players

Will Wade’s firing has caused some people to wonder whether his future at LSU was affected by the COVID epidemic. It is not clear how much of Wade’s contract money was involved, but it is believed that he was providing cash to a former fiancee of a scholarship player in exchange for her silence, and the allegations could reach high thresholds.

Murray State players are good enough to wind up on NCAA Tournament rosters

The players of Murray State are good enough to wind up on NCAA Tournament teams, but their size will limit their success against taller opponents. The only reliable post player is 6’7 guard Ivan Aska. Murray State will need to improve his post game if it wants to go far in the tournament. But it has the talent and the ability to make the Sweet Sixteen. Here are a few other players to keep an eye on

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Transfer portal creates college athlete agency

LSU men’s basketball has lost its entire roster to the transfer portal after firing head coach Will Wade. Of the eleven players on the team, five will be entering the NBA Draft, including Mwani Wilkinson, who is one of the most highly regarded prospects in the country. Other players that will enter the transfer portal include Darius Days, Eric Gaines, and Tarek Eason.