Louise Thompson Admits She Feels Safer in Hospital Than at Home After Giving Birth to Her Son

The Made in Chelsea star admitted that she felt safer’ in the hospital than she did at home after giving birth to her son. She battles PTSD and said that she felt more secure in a hospital environment. In the article, Louise discusses why she felt safer in the hospital than at home, and how she felt secure while wearing a flannel shirt in a hospital safe.

Made in Chelsea star admitted she felt safer’ in hospital than at home

The reality TV star is no stranger to hospital life. She has openly shared her battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and perinatal nervousness on social media since giving birth to her son, Leo-Hunter, last December. However, her recent comments on Instagram have given her a new perspective on her situation. In a post, Thompson said she felt safer’ in hospital than at home as she;

Although the Made in Chelsea star was concerned about her pregnancy, she thanked the hospital and her husband James Matthews for being so supportive during her ordeal. “When we were in the hospital, we knew we were in good hands,” she told the outlet. “I felt safer than at home,” Thompson revealed, telling a fan: ‘I felt so much safer.’ The actress, who had almost died twice during the delivery, said she was more secure’ in the hospital than she did at home.

Louise Thompson battles PTSD after giving birth to their son

The Made In Chelsea star has recently revealed her battle with PTSD after giving birth to her son Leo-Hunter. The 37-year-old told her fans she had “danced with death twice” and is struggling to walk without feeling fatigued. She also revealed she experiences agonizing pain and cannot climb stairs without feeling physically exhausted. She recently posted an emotional photo on her Instagram story.

A year after the birth of her son, actress Louise Thompson opened up about her ongoing mental health problems. Her traumatic labor was so stressful that she almost died twice. She has struggled with PTSD and depression for more than six months and has been in and out of the hospital numerous times. Despite having a supportive partner, she still feels like she is constantly in fight or flight mode. Thompson’s recent health problems have made her feel isolated and unloved.

Her feelings of security in the hospital

The ‘Baby’ actress has been open about her health battles in recent months and her struggles to cope with the loss of her son, Leo-Hunter. She has revealed how she has “danced with death twice” and how she can’t climb a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted. Thompson has been admitted to the hospital twice in the last month due to mental health issues. She has since started talking therapy and has taken a break from social media.

Post-traumatic stress disorder sufferer Louise Thompson has spoken about her ongoing battles with perinatal nervousness and PTSD. She has been candid about her struggles on social media since giving birth to her son, Leo, in December 2021. She also recently posted pictures of herself on Instagram, revealing she was dribbling and going in and out of consciousness. However, she has since returned home and has been able to enjoy dinner and bath time with her family. Although she has experienced serious health issues, the ‘Baby’ star said she was feeling much more secure in the hospital than she was at home.

Her flannel shirt going into a safe

The flannel shirt, which was worn by Louise Thompson while she gave birth to her first child, is currently in a hospital safe after the former model had another blood test. On Instagram, Ryan Libbey posted an emotional update about the reality star’s health. “We were close to losing Louise, but we are grateful that she’s OK,” he wrote. “Our lives have been changed forever by her bravery and strong character.”

Earlier this year, the Made in Chelsea star shared that she had a hard time with her pregnancy. She coughed up blood and was rushed to the hospital. She wrote about her experience on social media. It was hard to be pregnant and was very difficult for Louise. But she never hid her anxiety and shared photos of her miserable pregnancy on her page.

Her mental health struggles

While struggling with her mental health, Louise Thompson has recently admitted that she has a feeling of safety in hospital than at home. In a video she posted on Instagram, the model revealed that she had tried six times to make the video but was unable to complete it. Louise said that she felt safe in the hospital as her brain shut down because she was in a coma and had no idea how to deal with it.
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After the birth of her son Leo in December 2021, Thompson has been battling post-traumatic stress disorder and perinatal nervousness. She has been open about her struggles with her mental health and reassured those who are struggling that they are not alone. She revealed that she suffered from a panic attack that left her partially blind. Her husband Ryan Libbey was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after complications during childbirth. Afterward, she had to be admitted to the hospital twice, each time feeling safer than she did at home. She has also vowed to take a break from social media for a while, allowing her body and mind to heal.