Ellie Goulding Shares Rare Snap of Son Arthur One

The former model and actress shared a cute picture of her baby son on Instagram. She has been out of the limelight for the last couple of years, but Ellie Goulding has recently returned to the spotlight to share an adorable snap of Arthur. The adorable snap shows Ellie wearing an oversized mustard button-down shirt and white jeans. She was posing for the picture while wearing a mustard button-down shirt and white jeans.

Ellie Goulding shares rare snap of son Arthur one

Ellie Goulding has shared a precious snap of her son Arthur on Instagram. The picture shows the singer holding Arthur while looking at the camera. Arthur is wearing a white long-sleeve T-shirt and a pair of blue trousers. Ellie is dressed in wide-leg white jeans and a mustard jacket with oversized sleeves.

The couple kept the pregnancy secret until their baby was seven months old. However, Ellie revealed that it wasn’t that hard to keep the secret as she was unaware until she was seven months pregnant. Ellie’s husband Caspar also made rare appearances, most notably in the first month of her pregnancy. They’ve been together since 2017 and are now married. Caspar proposed to Ellie with a jigsaw puzzle.

Ellie Goulding dresses on son Arthur

Ellie Goulding recently shared a picture of her son Arthur with her fans on Instagram. She wore a grey beanie and a white rag & bone jacket while doing her hair, a look that made Arthur look very cute. The singer’s hair is a bright blonde and she is accessorized with several rings on her right hand.

The singer’s husband Caspar was spotted alongside his daughter at the New York premiere of “Flight of the Phoenix.” The couple has been together for two years, and recently married in a lavish ceremony in York Minster. Goulding previously revealed that she had not told her husband she was pregnant until seven months, which is an incredibly short time.

Ellie Goulding’s background

‘Ellie’ is finally back on the scene with a new single. The singer has been off the radar since she gave birth to her son Arthur in February, and this cute snap shows the star smothering her new son in bed. She’s spotted in a hooded coat by The North Face, which features a boxy silhouette, down filling, and a stowable hood.

The 30-year-old singer posted an adorable photo of her son Arthur on Instagram. Arthur is wearing blue jeans, a white long-sleeved T-shirt, and grey socks, and Ellie’s signature blonde locks are still down. Ellie also wore several rings on her right hand. The baby is the first child to be born for the singer, who had taken a break from the music industry to raise her son.
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Ellie Goulding’s relationship with Caspar Williams

A new romance between Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling has been confirmed, as the singer was spotted sharing a kiss during an ice hockey match in New York City on Tuesday. The couple has been dating for six months, and first sparked rumors of a relationship when Ellie went out to watch a match with Caspar in April. The pair also split their time between New York and London, and Caspar works in the arts business in New York.

The pair met in 2012 when Eugenie, the cousin of Caspar, was in New York working with the artist’s uncle Jay Jopling. The two have been friends since school, and their romance started during a charity event at a park. Ellie is currently appearing on Stand Up to Cancer and Channel 4’s The Great Celebrity Bake Off, which has attracted attention from celebrities.