Donald Trump is effectively forcing each Republican who needs a political occasion to reveal how far they are prepared to compromise on principle, precision and conscience for electricity.

Many GOP leaders with ambitions of greater office do not think twice before genuflecting before the former President. However, the party’s No. 3 House leader, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, is creating a stand by refusing to appease Trump within his incitement of their Capitol insurrection and maintains using a stolen election.
The lawmaker’s power foundation culminated in plain sight on Tuesday, once more demonstrating Trump’s strong control over his party, and that, if anything, has solidified because he abandoned power following his humiliating election reduction.

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Cheney seems certain to confront another effort to oust her from her place after a week, three weeks after readily repelling a former effort to eliminate her at a secret ballot. This time, her success is in grave doubt.
From the Hunger Games that’s the House Republican Conference, Cheney was driven by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, that made the opposite decision seeing fealty to Trump. The California Republican, in his zeal to catch power in the shape of the speaker’s gavel next year, has dedicated the House GOP into Trump despite his violent departure from the White House.
Two sources familiar with Cheney’s discussions with members now inform CNN’s Lauren Fox which Cheney believes at peace with where she’s stood on the electionon January 6 along with her remarks about Trump. Her calculation is the fact that it’s not worth attempting to maintain the leadership position in case it takes lying regarding the election or even the events which transpired leading up to January 6.