The Academy awards end was a bit distinct this season because of a decision by manufacturers that needed to perform with late celebrity Chadwick Boseman.

For a reminder, manufacturers had changed the order of the last awards of the night so best image was declared prior to the lead acting categories.
Manager Steven Soderbergh, who had been one of manufacturers of the year’s occasion, talked to the Los Angeles Times about changing the classes. It is our view — which I believe isn’t unfounded — that celebrities’ addresses are far more striking than manufacturers’ speeches. And therefore we thought it may be interesting to mix it up, particularly if folks did not understand that was coming,” he explained. “So that was always a part of this strategy. And then if the nominations came out and there was the risk that Chadwick could acquire posthumously, our perception was if he had to win his widow were to talk on his behalf, there could be nowhere to move then. We stuck with it”

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Soderbergh added that”when there was even the sliver of an opportunity” which Boseman would acquire and”his widow could talk, then we had been working under that was the conclusion of the series”
“Therefore it was not like we presumed it would, but when there was a risk that it would occur, then you need to account for this. That might have been such a shattering second, this to return then would’ve been just impossible,” he states.