The Mars Volta have made their hotly anticipated get back with another single called ‘Blacklight Shine’

The Texas-framed band delivered six studio collections somewhere in the range of 2003 and 2012 preceding parting because of a run in between establishing individuals Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López.

The pair immediately offered to set things right, be that as it may, and framed another gathering, Antemasque. They likewise patched up their pre-Mars Volta outfit, At-the-Drive-In, for another record in 2017.

Having as of late prodded a rebound, The Mars Volta have now delivered their first music in quite a while with ‘Blacklight Shine’. It shows up with a going with high contrast short movie, which was coordinated by Rodríguez López.

In a proclamation, singer Bixler-Zavala said that the verses to the tune dig into the possibility of “a rush of planned power outages washing recollections onto shore, a heartbeat that actually remembers everything”.

The Mars Volta saw ‘Blacklight Shine’ as of late by setting up a secretive box establishment in Los Angeles’ Grand Park, which plays new material from the band when you stroll inside.

Fans can visit the ‘L’YTOME HODORXÍ TELESTERION’ fascination until 8pm this evening (June 21). The people who can’t create it in person can see it by means of an authority computerized insight on July 1, as per a public statement.

Subtleties of a potential new Mars Volta collection – which would follow on from 2012’s ‘Noctourniquet’ – are yet to arise.

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