Lily Allen Celebrates Two Years of Sobriety: "Getting Clean is the Best Thing That I Ever Did"

Lily Allen is marking a major milestone in her sobriety journey.

The singer, 36, marked two years sober on Wednesday, posting a collection of images to Instagram to celebrate — including one of her tracked progress on the Pink Cloud app — and writing, “2 years Drug and Alcohol-free.”

“Getting clean is the best thing I’ve ever done, and I have done many cool s Allen,” he said.

Among the celebrity comments on her post was one from model Poppy Delevingne, who wrote, “YES BEBE. 

“Incredible Lils congratulations,” added model Daisy Lowe.

Lily Allen Celebrates Two Years of Sobriety: "Getting Clean is the Best Thing That I Ever Did"

Allen has been very open about her journey to sobriety. She spoke on The Recovery podcast in January about her addiction journey.

“I can remember feeling like none of this acting out is effective anymore when I was in L.A.” She suggested that maybe she should try heroin.

She shared with us that David Harbour, her husband whom she got married in September, is “in an extremely happy and healthy relationship” and has been a key support in her journey.

Allen stated, “He’s sober. He’s been sober for twenty years now.” “We are thinking about the future and what we will do with our lives.” I don’t have as much as I had then in terms of success and wealth, but I have success and health in my mind, which is more valuable I think.”

Harbour, 46, opened up about finding his perfect match in the “Smile” singer to PEOPLE earlier this month.

Allen, the Stranger Things, and Black Widow star, said that she is grateful to be not alone and that she has someone who can help her.

He continued, “We can share the experience of walking through our lives together.” “I am so overwhelmed with gratitude because I have been living alone most of my life.

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