It’s no surprise that members of the Kardashian Jenner family is all about extravagant gifts. This time, Kim Kardashian was the latest to spend money on her pal.

The Keep Up With the Kardashians founder gifted her ex-assistant and special friend Stephanie Shepherd to a treat on her birthday, which was her 32nd.

Kim Kardashian paid a hefty sum for a Hermes Kelly bag that is estimated to cost $25,000 and the lucky recipient posted to the Instagram Stories to express her gratitude for the gift, saying “Oh and this is what happened @kimkardashian” along with an image of her taking the gift.

“This is just crazy!” she shouted as she walked past the purse.

“Don’t weep,” Kim answered, hugging her friend.

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It seems like Kim was very considerate because Stephanie admitted that she’d was eyeing the sought-after design for some time, and she shared with her friends “Oh my god , I was planning to buy an imitation.”

“Your dedication and kindness to your family and friends is unparalleled,” she wrote in another Story in which she tagged Kim.