Kim Carton and Ex Husband Craig Carton

Craig Carton is one of the famous internet personalities who have been facing many issues for years. Due to his latest false allegation arrest, he and his family, especially his ex-wife Kim Carton, has been in the sight of the camera and media. Neither Kim ever wanted to be on the camera nor did Craig care about it but the recent case unintentionally attracted the attention of people towards her which is why there have been a lot of demands about her lifestyle, background, and many other things.

Some people may think that fame is easy to handle but no it is not a road of roses to walk on especially when you are not demanding it and nor do you have the experience of it. Similar is the case with Kim Carton. There have been many rumors about her going around spreading false information about her just like her ex-husband. Let us talk about some important facts which may clear your minds regarding the subject.

Who is Kim Carton?

Kim Carton, nickname Kim, was born and raised in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania in 1975. She is a humble, beautiful, and kind lady who was born to raise positivity in the world. People who know her know that she is one of the people whom you want to get close to as she gives good vibes. She is best known as the ex-wife of famous internet celebrity Craig Carton. She is also a successful entrepreneur and television personality. Her kindness and social vibrancy are two of her special traits. She has become a successful businesswoman. She grew these traits by being an authentic follower of her religion, Christianity, just like her parents.

Kim Carton’s Kids

Besides being a professional and religious woman, Kim Carton is the mother of four beautiful children, three boys, and one girl, named Sonny Carton, Lucky Carton, Anthony Carton, and Mickey Carton. Kim had these kids when she was married to Craig Carton. Kim has a beautiful family, which is why she prioritizes them to keep the family bonds healthy forever. She adores her children and has demonstrated to the world that a woman can become a good mother while also being a professional woman.

Kim Carton: Physique Aspects

    • Kim Carton is 5 feet 6 inches tall and a beautiful lady.
    • Kim Carton weighs 56 kilograms. Despite having such a tall height, she is just 56kg, which shows her healthy physique.
    • Eye Color: Kim Carton’s hazel eye color makes her a rare beauty. Only 5% of people in this world have hazel eyes.
    • Age: Kim Carton is 47 years old and was born in 1975.

The Birthday of Kim Carton

Although she has revealed her birth year, she has not given any info about her month or the exact date. Kim does not like to publish any extra news about her. People wanted to know about her age, as some are very interested in a woman’s age. That’s why she revealed her birth year, but the birth date is unnecessary, so she has not said anything about it.

Kim Carton as an Entrepreneur

Kim Carton is known as a thriving businesswoman, besides being the wife of a well-known celebrity and a lovely mother. She wanted to become independent so that she could encourage other women and next-generation girls. Moreover, Kim wanted to do something for her hometown regarding outfits and boutiques. Her passion for good outfits and her inspirational character inspired her to create a clothing brand called Valley. The company advanced to a great level in no time due to her tiring hard work as well as her great mind for business. The brand is still making its way to the top of the market for clothing, gaining more and more clients day by day.

About The Company “Valley”

In September 2013, Kim Carton, in cooperation with Jackie Brookstein, founded a boutique brand, “Valley”, in the Huntingdon Valley. The company name ‘Valley’ is actually based on the hometown of both the founders, Huntingdon Valley. Valley offers unique and exclusive styles of clothing for all men and women at reasonable prices. It is situated in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. The idea is to provide good clothing to town residents who must travel to New York or another major city. The company has grown to a much greater level and become a proper brand with the struggles of Kim Carton, Jackie Brookstein, and the whole team of ‘Valley’. They provide quality dressings regarding fashion, which you can find in only the big stores in New York City.

The Actual Motivation of Kim Carton behind the “Valley”

She had already made up her mind regarding becoming a professional woman in the field of business. As a result, when she considered it, she came up with the idea that would not only fulfill her desire to become an entrepreneur but will also provide quality and fashionable clothing in her hometown.

The two owners, Kim Carton, and Jackie Brookstein were getting tired of going out of the city to New York for dress shopping. According to Kim, they have been doing it since their childhood and have to go to NYC to get fashionable clothes. They simply wanted Huntingdon Valley to enjoy that service in their own city/town. Hence, they established the Valley. Both founders, including many people, don’t have to go to any other big city to afford classy and quality clothing as they can always shop at ‘Valley’.

Kim Carton’s Charity Work

When we say Kim Carton is a kind and humble lady, we do not mean she’s like that only with her surrounded by people. She do a lot of charity work to help others who are in need. Her greatest service in making society better for the needy was to establish a nonprofit organization for people with Tourette syndrome. She co-founded the agency with her ex-husband, Craig Carton, which is called “Tic Toc Stop”.

Why build a Tic-Toc Stop? According to Kim Carton, she was once a victim of Tourette’s condition at a young age. Fortunately, she was treated and recovered from the issue. However, she wanted to help other people suffering from it. When she got enough power to help other Tourette victims, she did not think twice and began building it.

Kim Carton’s ex-husband, Craig Carton

Craig Carton is a renowned American radio and television personality, especially famous for his show called “Boomer and Carton” as well as the sports show on WFAN in NYC with Carton and Roberts. Kim met Craig through a mutual friend at a party. Upon talking to each other, they felt comfortable; hence, they began dating and soon got married. The wedding ceremony was private; only close friends and relatives were invited. The couple has four lovely children: three sons and one cute girl named Sonny Carton, Lucky Carton, and Anthony Carton, and a daughter, Mickey Carton. Seeing as Kim did not like to get public, the couple decided to not reveal the ages of their children.

Kim Carton and Craig Carton’s Divorce Reason

After some years of marriage, she discovered that her husband, Craig Carton, was cheating on her by having an extramarital affair with his makeup artist, Dominique Aro, which was never proven. She made the decision to split up with him as soon as possible.

The Arrest of Craig Carton

Craig Carton was arrested by federal agents in September 2017 at his home in New York City on unlawful allegations of securities fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit those crimes. He was accused of running a Ponzi scheme with Michael Wright and Joseph Mali that swindled $5.6 million from investors by falsely claiming they had access to millions of dollars in show tokens at face value through non-existent collaboration with event promoters.

According to a comparable significant concern raised by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, he was believed to have used budgets from renewed investors to substitute millions of dollars of gaming responsibilities and to prematurely return investors.

Craig gained recognition for his sports radio program “Boomer and Carton,” but it was all ruined when the FBI visited Craig’s house and arrested him for a scam in which it was suspected that the millions were used to conceal the radio star’s exorbitant gambling responsibilities.

Kim has been in the news for her involvement in a fraud that dumped over $5 million from investors in a ticket-selling Ponzi scheme.

Kim Carton’s net worth

Kim Carton has a net worth of 4 million dollars, the same as her husband. Craig also has a net worth of $4 million.

Kim Carton on Social Media

The hard-working Kim Carton is not on any social media platforms. This just shows how much she does not want to gain attention, fame, and all. We are not sure about her kids, though. Though her ex-husband has a Twitter @craigcartonlive.

Final Words

Kim Carton is a woman who, although famous after the name of her ex-husband in the world of the internet, is really inspirational in the real world. Learning about her through our article, you can guess the hardships she has overcome to become a successful woman. Kim does not merely rely on her husband but makes herself a success on her own. In the internet world, she may be known as Craig Carton’s wife, but in reality, she is the woman that younger generation girls aspire to be.

Although Kim has not revealed any family background publicly, from her success, strength, and humbleness, we can imagine that she belonged to a good Christian family. Like her parents, she also shared a few details about her kids, which we already shared above.

The gorgeous lady is still not done with her success and services. She has a lot of goals that she wants to achieve with her family in the future. Not only regarding her business, Kim also wants to offer more to needy people. She is continuously trying to help whoever she can with what she has. Let us see what next she brings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kim Carton

Q: What is the age of Kim Carton?

Kim Carton is 47 years old and was born in 1975.

Q: Kim Carton has how many children?

Kim Carton had 3 sons and one daughter with Craig Carton. The names are Sonny Carton, Lucky Carton, Anthony Carton, and Mickey Carton.

Q: How did Kim Carton meet Craig Carton?

Kim Carton and Craig Carton met at a party through a mutual friend. They liked each other and started dating. Soon after, the couple got married.

Q: What is the relationship between Kim Carton and Craig Carton?

Kim Carton is the ex-wife of Craig Carton.

Q: What was the reason for Kim Carton and Craig Carton’s divorce?

Craig had an extramarital affair with his makeup artist, which is why the couple got separated.

Q: What is the company name of Kim Carton?

Kim Carton co-founded the clothing brand “Valley” with Jackie Brookstein in 2013.

Q: What is the height of Kim Carton?

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Q: Where is Kim Carton from?

She is from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.

Q: What is the net worth of Kim Carton?

Kim Carton has a $4 million USD net worth.