In a statement released to the Daily Mail, Kieran Hayler denied sex assault and his ex Katie Price called him a cretin. The police are investigating a report of rape in Sussex, where both parties are known. The woman has 2.6 million followers on Instagram, and she claimed the incident happened in 2016. The pair were married in 2013 and had two children together. In January 2018, they divorced after ten years of marriage. The split was reportedly the result of an affair between the couple.

Katie Price, meanwhile, has been incensed by the allegations. She has spoken to police about the allegations against Hayler, who denies them. Both she and Hayler are friends with the woman at the centre of the alleged incidents. The alleged incident took place during the couple’s marriage. The two were married in 2013 and share two children, Apollo and Ava.

In response to these accusations, Hayler has denied any wrongdoing. He insists that he is co-operating with the police and is willing to talk to them. He and Price have two children together. However, after the incident, he went to the police to explain his actions. Both women are also claiming to have been sexually assaulted by Hayler.

According to Price’s statement, Kieran Hayler denied rape as he spoke with detectives about the incident. The alleged victim was an adult male known to the couple. Despite the claims, he has cooperated with the police and is eager to clear his name. The police also said that the woman who allegedly made the allegations was the one who had sexually assaulted him three times.

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Despite the claims, the police are not arresting Hayler yet. The girl who has made the claims was a minor at the time. After the accusations, Ms Price accused Kieran of cheating with his two other girlfriends, Chrissy Thomas. She also claimed that the actor cheated on her three times with nanny Nikki Brown. After the allegations, the actress became involved in a relationship with Michelle Penticost. After the incident, the two stayed together but later broke up.

A court has ordered an investigation into the claims of sex assault against the former boyfriend. The incident occurred on May 8, 2016, when the alleged victim was under the age of 16. Despite the alleged abuse, the court has yet to convicted him. The judge is also considering the girl’s case. It is unclear if she is responsible, and if Hayler’s ex-wife cheated on him, she will face a sentence.