After directing the critically acclaimed ‘Dances With Wolves’ and starring in ‘Jaws,’ Kevin Costner took a break from directing to focus on other projects. After the success of those films, Costner returned to the director’s chair for an ill-fated remake of ‘The Postman’ and ‘Open Range.’ After his stint behind the camera, he returned to acting in ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘Rambo’. In August, the director is expected to begin shooting ‘Horizon’, and casting is expected to be announced soon.

While Kevin Costner has enjoyed his time in the spotlight as an actor, he is still looking forward to returning to directing for the first time since 2003’s ‘Open Range’. After a hiatus of almost 20 years, Costner is returning to directing with a new movie centered around the West, titled ‘Horizon.’ The actor was most famous for his role in the hit television series ‘Yellowstone’, and this new project will follow that trend.

After spending more than a decade starring on television, Kevin Costner has decided to take the plunge and direct his own movie. His next film, ‘The Last of the Wild’, will be a period drama, set in the early 1800s. The production is set to begin in Utah on Aug. 29 and will feature the talented actor as well as a talented cast. The new film will also be his first time producing a film.

After a decade away from the director’s chair, Kevin Costner is making his return with ‘The Postman’. This period drama has a lot in common with Yellowstone, which won Best Director and Best Picture. The film is scheduled to start casting in February. The movie is titled ‘Winter’ and will be released on the same day as the sequel.

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After starring in and producing numerous movies, Kevin Costner is now returning to directing his own films. His previous work has earned him critical acclaim. His most recent films are the ‘Untouchables’ and ‘Dances with Wolves’, and he also directed ‘The Postman’ in 1997. The film is based on the true story of the Westward Expansion.

Horizon will tell the story of the westward expansion in the United States. ‘Horizon’ is a 10-hour Western epic, and it’s not entirely clear if the film will be a sequel to the three-hour masterpiece ‘Dances with Wolves’. This will be Costner’s first directorial effort since ‘Open Range’, which he co-wrote with his wife, Jennifer A. Ayala.

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