A new report reveals that Godzilla vs Kong was the most pirated movie of 2021. It beat blockbusters like Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Black Widow to the title. This is a big win for the film, as it was one of the first major films of the year to hit theaters, and it also has an advantage over other movies because it was released in a year that was not particularly ripe for illegal downloading.

The list of pirated movies has now been updated to include Godzilla vs. Kong, which broke the record of the most pirated movie of the decade, and Warner Bros’ titan mash-up Justice League, which also made the top 10. While there is no consensus on which of these films is more popular, one thing is certain: there is no shortage of big movies being pirated right now.

The film’s success could be attributed to two things. One is the size of the movie’s demand, which is higher than the movie’s box office takings. This result is based on the data collected by Akamai, which tracked pirated movies for the past year. The film’s popularity was high enough to out-perform other movies in the category. The second- and third-placed films included Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Black Widow, both of which were hugely popular.

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While the box office for Godzilla vs Kong may not have been as high as the Hollywood numbers suggest, the pirated version of the movie might still do well in the box office. It could have been even more successful without the COVID-19 pandemic, as both have high-profile stars. No matter how HBO Max releases it, Godzilla vs. Kong is likely to remain the top film of the year.

A new report has found that Godzilla vs. Kong was the most pirated movie of 2021, surpassing Black Widow and Justice League. It was also the most illegally-pirated movie of the year, according to the data compiled by Akamai technology firm. But these are just the top movies of the year. It’s not the most expensive or best-rated, but they’re all wildly popular.

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In terms of popularity, it’s easy to see why the film was so popular. Aside from its global success, it was also the most pirated movie of 2021. The pirated version of the movie has received pirated versions of the original film. Interestingly, the film has never been more popular. It’s been watched a total of 58 billion times since its release.