We’ve already heard that Katy Perry and Dua Lipa are planning to work together, but what’s the likelihood of a song coming out? The two singers have attempted duets before, but both have fallen through. In the past, they’ve both declined to collaborate, but the latter refused to appear on the singer’s 2020 album ‘Smile’ because she was too busy recording a duet with Elton John. But it seems that the pair remain good friends and it’s possible they’ll record something together.

After their first collaboration, Katy Perry and Dua Lipa went on to work together on several other projects, including a remix of Missy Elliott’s “Levitating” song. Now, both have released singles and toured together. The two have also released music together, including two singles that are not yet out. Despite the lack of a release date, there’s still a chance that they’ll collaborate again in the future.

Dua and Madonna have been busy with different projects. Earlier this year, the former released a ‘Levitating’ remix, which featured Madonna and Missy Elliott. And this week, she announced a new collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion. In the photo, Dua looks like she’s embracing her boyfriend, while the latter seems to be engrossed with the former.

It’s clear that the two singers haven’t completely forgotten about each other, but their recent ‘Everyone’ collaboration has been a big surprise for fans. She’s also joined Dua for her Future Nostalgia Tour. But if Dua and Katy Perry are really planning a collaboration, there’s no need to panic. The news of a new collaboration has been circulating since the release of Everybody, and it’s likely that a collaboration will be announced soon.

The two have been collaborating for a while now. In the past, the duo have collaborated with Missy Elliott and Madonna. ‘Levitating’ has been the soundtrack of a couple of the artists’ tour. However, Katy is still planning a ‘Levitating’ remix, and it’s likely that the two will be collaborating soon.

Despite the recent news of a collaboration, the two have yet to release any new songs. But the two did recently shared a video for their new song ‘Argylle’. The film is based on a novel by the same name, and will star Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston. ‘Argylle’ is a musical adaptation of a popular Beatles album.

After their recent success with ‘Levitating’, the two have a long way to go. It’s not yet known when the duo will work together, but they’re still collaborating on other songs. The pair’s collaboration is a major milestone for both of them, so they’re probably working on a song together. But they’ve not even announced the name yet.