The rap sensation has officially announced his release from his Epic Records deal. According to an Instagram story, the rapper signed the papers to end the contract on March 27 and made $1 million the same day. Fans were a bit disappointed at the time, but that is no longer the case. The artist has been free from the record label’s contract since his arrest in 2014. The news is a welcome development for fans who were eagerly awaiting his next project.

During the last six years, Bobby Shmurda has been critical of his record label, saying that he has no control over his music. But he is finally free! He made $1 million the same day he was released and signed release papers with Epic Records. However, he has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the label. He even called out the label’s CEO, Sylvia Rhone, for not letting him out of his deal.

While the release of Shmurda from his record label deal came as a surprise, it still is not a total victory. The singer has been locked up for over 6 years for violating his contract with Epic Records. It’s unclear whether he will continue to perform in the future. Despite the legal battle, he plans to put out his first album on his own. He also wants to direct a movie about his life.

In the past year, Bobby Shmurda has been vocal about his frustration with his contract with Epic Records. His new contract will allow him to control his music and decide when to drop new music. His next project will be a documentary about his life. He also plans to start mentoring youth and make a movie about his experiences. In the meantime, he will focus on his future and work to make a movie about his life.

The singer’s decision to become a free agent is a big relief for the rapper. He had spent so long in jail, but could not release a new song before he was freed from his Epic Records deal. Now, he is free to pursue whatever he wishes. It’s a win-win situation for him, and it’s not only the end of his musical career.

While he’s not yet released from his contract, he was previously in prison for violating his terms and was criticized by fans for his lack of control over his music. After he was released from his Epic Records contract, he planned to start a documentary and mentor youth, and make a film about his life. Those two plans are in line with his current interests and those of his former record company.