Celebrities are known for keeping their intimate lives secret, but candidly sharing them with the world is not uncommon.Kate BeckinsaleWho has a few?famous exes Recently,, shared a blunt comment about her past dating experiences that may surprise you. In a new interview, the 47-year old actor spoke out about her past romance experiences.

Beckinsale was at Beckinsale’s July 21 event when the topic of dating surfaced.Additional. HostJenn Lahmers asked Beckinsale about The worst date ever The actor surprised her by revealing that she has never been on a date. “Do you know that I have never been on a date?” She said that she had never been on a date with anyone, and then she explained how she connected with her ex-boyfriends. “I meet someone, get to get to know them at the office, then marry them or get pregnant with them.”

She continued, “I don’t think I’ve ever been on one, like, ‘Oh, a buddy has set me up, and I’m meeting a total stranger.’ That’s something I have never done.

Beckinsale has exes who are actors, directors and comedians.

Beckinsale might not have been on a date formalized, but she says she has had many high-profile relationships. Beckinsale shares her daughterLily SheenWith her ex-partnerMichael SheenShe met, in 1995 while she was starring in a touring production.The Seagull. They never got married, and they split up when she met director.Len WisemanWhile filming 2003UnderworldSheen also appeared in the movie, titled “The Movie”. Wiseman & Beckinsale were together from 2004 to 2015, when they split.

It is not clear how she met her next man–comedian.Matt RifeActorJack Whitehall?Saturday Night LiveStarPete DavidsonThe singer,Goody GraceIt seems that Beckinsale was referring Sheen and Wiseman.Additional.

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Beckinsale is often criticised for her relationships with younger men like Rife Whitehall, Davidson and Goody Grace. The double standard was a topic that the actor frequently spoke out about, especially when she was with Davidson. Kate said that it can be difficult to find a woman over 32 having fun. She said, “I see men doing whatever they want, whether it’s in relationships or buying a motorbike or getting a tattoo.” It has not been taken to mean, “Why has he not had more children?” Or ‘Is it possible that he will ever decide to be a parent?’ Or ‘Why has she had so many girlfriends’?