After collaborating with Kanye West on a new album, Fivio Foreign is now revealing that he was “too impatient” to put Jay Z on his latest single, “City of Gods.” In a recent debate on Complex Brackets, Fivio revealed that the original track was supposed to feature JAY-Z, but that the singer was too busy with his own career. As a result, Jay was never featured.

While it would have been ideal to have Jay-Z and Beyonce on the track, the two had other obligations. They couldn’t answer Kim’s questions, and Kanye wanted to include him in the project. In the end, he decided to release the track with just him, Fivio Foreign, and Alicia Keys, which included many fans’ favorite tracks from their respective albums. The rap legend and the crooner have never had a better chance to work together.

It’s hard to believe that Kanye was too impatient to put Jay Z on his new album. After all, the Brooklyn drill rapper was the guest on Complex Brackets, and Fivio spoke about the song’s release. While fans may be disappointed that Kanye did not include Jay-Z on the track, it’s important to note that the song was created for both artists to be heard.

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While the collaboration was a win for Fivio Foreign, it was a disappointment for the Hip-hop world. After all, Jay-Z’s presence would’ve made the song the biggest record of the year. However, that is no longer the case. It’s the most successful song in the history of Hip-hop and Kanye West will be proud of.

The song’s success has been the result of Kanye’s insistence that Jay-Z be a guest on the track. While it is true that Jay-Z’s voice is an excellent addition to the song, it’s not a replacement for the singer’s contribution to the song. After all, the song’s success has been one of the biggest hits of the year for a long time. It’s no wonder that the song has garnered such huge fan support.

Fivio was a frequent visitor of Ye’s Donda 2 concert last month, and he revealed that Jay-Z was originally supposed to appear on the track. The rapper was, however, too impatient to get Jay-Z on the track and ended up releasing the song with just him, Fivio, and Alicia Keys. Regardless of the reasons for the delay, it is an extremely impressive track and will continue to get great reviews in the future.

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