After her recent interview with Variety, Kim Kardashian was blasted by netizens for her ‘tone-deaf’ work advice. She referred to her article as an example of the importance of hard work, while showing off her $2,000 trench coat. It was clear that the ‘work ethic’ of the famous reality star wasn’t in her DNA.

The star’s comment in the magazine also came as a shock to fans, who are unimpressed with her tone-deaf work advice. Many people on Twitter expressed displeasure with the reality star’s sexy message. The ‘nobody wants to work’ attitude, however, made the advice seem out of touch with modern life.

Fans of the reality star have also criticized the Kardashians’ latest reveal of her $12,000 Birkin bags. The ‘billionaire’ entrepreneur claimed that ‘nobody’ is willing to work.’ She said in an interview with Variety that her’self-made’ status means she doesn’t have to work for a living. The comment was immediately met with criticism and the ‘delusional’ reaction prompted the ‘banned’ hashtag to go viral.

While the criticism over the controversial remarks by the reality star was justified, the comments by the public aren’t. It seems Kim and her family have perfected the art of stirring up controversy and are willing to feud with each other. Khloe posted a photo of her customized Burberry trench coat accompanied by a thank-you note from her designer.

The criticism has been directed at the reality star’s recent posts, including an exclusive Burberry trench coat. In her Variety interview, the star suggested that women “work harder” and should not let their wealth dictate their lives. The comments have received a mixed response from viewers. While the ‘delusional’ comment was insensitive, it’s worth noting that the Kardashians are still famous for their “unique” lifestyles. Despite this, they have not slashed their own followers for being so generous.

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While Kim Kardashian has long been criticised for displaying her wealth and lifestyle, she’s also been targeted for her “tone-deaf” comments. Those who don’t believe that the reality star hasn’t earned her money may be looking at her ‘delusional’ comments. It’s easy to see why her fans aren’t buying her products.

On Instagram, Kim Kardashian urged women to work and be successful in business by posting videos and photos of her birthday celebrations. The reality star’s 40th birthday was celebrated on a private island, where she revealed that she couldn’t imagine celebrating her birthday in a more lavish way. Despite her advice to women, her fans haven’t welcomed her messages. While she did acknowledge the importance of work, her comments have garnered negative comments.

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