After a series of controversial tweets, rapper Kanye West has reportedly stepped aside and promised to stop harassing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson. The two have been the subject of intense backlash on social media following the rapper’s threats to beat Pete Davidson’s a** on Donda 2. While the rapper has apologized for the tweets, divorce experts and fans have called his actions abusive towards the former wife.

According to reports, Kanye West has halted his stalking of Kim Kardashian and her children by agreeing to stop posting threatening tweets and messages. While the two of them have been spending time together, he has been saying he would never let Kardashian meet his kids. His infamous “I hate kourtashia” post was deleted after it went viral.

While the rapper has been vocal about his stalking of his ex wife, Kim Kardashian has remained relatively mum about the matter. While she has posted a screenshot of text from her ex-wife to Pete Davidson, Kanye West has not commented on the exchange. She has reportedly also requested that he stop sending insults to Davidson. However, it is unclear whether or not this will affect his relationship with his children or with Davidson.

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While it is not clear how the relationship between West and Kardashian will end, the latest developments have made both of them more vocal. While he is trying to build a relationship with Davidson, Kim Kardashian is refusing to let her go on her own. The rapper has been gaining public criticism for the controversial content of his music videos and has even backed away from addressing the backlash in public.

Despite his publicly-stated agreement to stop stalking Kim Kardashian, the rapper has also reportedly banned himself from Instagram to protect his children. Unlike his long-time partner, Kanye has reportedly withdrawn from social media in the wake of racial and cyberbullying. The rapper is not yet clear what type of help he will get from the ban, however.

While Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Kanye West has improved, the rapper has also been posting about Kim Kardashian on social media. The two recently reconciled after the former couple’s divorce. Moreover, the two have a son together. Their daughter, North, is a “favorite” of the rapper. A rumored reconciliation between the two could finally be a reality, if the two are able to get back together.

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