Justin and Hailey Bieber have been rocking each other’s worlds for weeks after Hailey Bieber was hospitalised last Thursday with stroke-like symptoms. Although she has recovered fully, the hospitalization has left both Bieber and his girlfriend shaken. Their relationship has been an open secret for the past three years, and the pair secretly married in New York City on September 30, 2019.

While Justin was obviously upset that his wife was hospitalised, it’s clear that his concern was much higher than Hailey’s. She was undergoing tests to determine the cause of her illness, which doctors believe to be a blood clot. The pair were even testing for the COVID-19 virus, which had afflicted Hailey two months before. Though the virus is extremely rare, it can still cause a stroke in people.

While Justin was in a panic about his wife’s condition, he remained stress-free, which made him feel even more shook. The couple’s daughter was suffering from stroke-like symptoms as well, and he couldn’t leave her side. He’d do anything to help her. While his wife’s health has been the priority, the singer’s life has become more important than ever.

While Justin may be shaken by Hailey Bieber’s hospitalisation, he’s probably the more affected party. The singer, who is more elated about the event, reportedly texted his fans and prayed for her. And he refused to leave Hailey’s side after the accident. He would do anything for her. However, his stance may be shaky after seeing the reaction of others.

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Despite being a parent and a father, Justin was reportedly shook by Hailey’s latest hospitalisation. While he was at the airport, he wore a sweat suit and was accompanied by his daughter, who was resting in the back. The singer’s clothes were red and made by Drew House. He’s shook by Hailey’s latest illness, which he says he caught by surprise.

As a father of three young children, Justin was reported to be a mess when he boarded a plane. He was sobbing, he kept his sweatshirt over his head. But, despite being shook, he was trying to be a good father. It’s clear that he wanted to make the right choice for his daughter, and his daughter.

After Hailey Bieber’s hospitalisation, Justin and Hailey have a difficult time dealing with their daughter’s latest illness. While they are trying to make their daughter as comfortable as possible, it is hard to understand how they felt at the moment. The pop star was reportedly sobbing as he climbed on board the plane. The singer’s wife and child are reportedly both recovering.

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