Despite her plea of guilty, ex-stripper Katie Price is facing jail for sending a violent text message to her ex-girlfriend. After a restraining order was issued, the former glamour model was arrested and put in custody after sending a racist message to her ex-girlfriend Michelle Penticost. A restraining order was issued against Katie in May last year after she was caught sexting Kieran Hayler’s fiancee. This is the second time she’s been charged and convicted for assault and harassment.

The actress is due to appear in court next month, after being charged with harassment and breach of restraining order against her ex-girlfriend, Michelle Penticost. The pair are currently on holiday in Thailand, but Katie Price is expected to appear before magistrates in Crawley on March 12. The text messages allegedly included an insulting description of Michelle Penticost and branded her a “c***ing piece of s**t.” According to the court papers, Katie Price sent an anonymous letter accusing Michelle of stealing from her father.

Katie Price was banned from contacting her ex-girlfriend after she allegedly abused her former partner in a school playground. She was convicted of breach of restraining order, which can carry a maximum prison sentence of five years. In addition, she received a suspended prison sentence for drunk driving. As a result, she is expected to spend up to five years behind bars. The actress is also facing a court date on April 12, and is due to appear before the magistrates on April 12.

After pleading guilty to the charges, Katie Price has defended her actions, describing them as “exaggerated nonsense”. However, she has been charged with breaching a restraining order for sending an abusive text to her ex’s new girlfriend. After a restraining order was issued, Katie was banned from contacting her former lover. She was previously banned from contacting her ex, Michelle, and has since completed her rehab stay at The Priory.

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After receiving a restraining order, she was accused of sending an anonymous letter containing abusive comments to her ex’s fiance. Her husband and new fiancee, Michelle Penticost, were both in attendance at the time of the alleged texts. In January 2019, she was charged with breaching the restraining order and could face jail. Earlier, she’d been fined in the UK for sex abuse at a school playground, but this did not stop her from being banned.

A restraining order imposed on Katie Price’s former girlfriend, Michelle Penticost, was issued after the reality TV star allegedly sent an abusive message to her ex-girlfriend. The restraining order also bans her from contacting her. She is also banned from contacting Michelle Penticost. It is thought that she had drunkenly driven and did not realise the language she was using was abusive.

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