Justin Haynes Designer/Tailor of JUS10H Bringing Fashion To Your Everyday Life

Will ONYX be the new JUS10H??

Justin Haynes, a Massachusetts-based fashion designer, is one of many people in the fashion industry who are both visionaries and action-takers. Still, he is the one that has everyone talking about his level of work and his creations.

For his one-of-a-kind and elegant designs, Justin Haynes has been praised on the runway in America and other countries. He currently enjoys the distinction of being a leading fashion figure with a major fashion label titled JUS10H to his credit. This talent had to have faith in his abilities as a fashion designer.

Retro-chic designs by Justin Haynes

The retro-chic designs of Justin Haynes, who caters to men, women, and children, have certainly revolutionized the fashion industry with his unique designs. Springfield’s Justin Haynes was the first to show at the Paris Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and Dubai, Milan, and New York.

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It’s been a bumpy path for Justin Haynes, but his enthusiasm, determination, and courage have helped him get to where he is now, thanks to the hardships he faced in his fashion career.

Models Brooklyn Sinclair, Myles Jéh, Classy Bryant wearing clothes designed by Justin Haynes, Photographer: Andrew Maxwell
Models Brooklyn Sinclair, Myles Jéh, Classy Bryant wearing clothes designed by Justin Haynes, Photographer: Andrew Maxwell

Journey of becoming a main name in the fashion world

Justin Haynes went from becoming an average person to being one of the fashion world’s prominent names, where he got the chance to design for individuals for the Oscars by learning from other renowned fashion designers, analyzing trends, and continually making efforts. Working in the field for more than a decade, Justin Haynes is the recipient of numerous accolades, has appeared in numerous publications, and is now a fashion recap expert for major awards shows. 

Discovering folks who are passionate about pushing limits and carving out an exclusive place for themselves in their respective fields usually leaves us feeling a little dazed. Making a big impact requires a lot of guts and determination to follow one’s heart and take action in that direction.

Even throughout these difficult times, he kept working by displaying his unique collections on digital channels, which propelled him to the forefront of the fashion business.

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Justin Haynes ONYX collection

Fashion Designer Justin Haynes official image in his designed clothes
Fashion Designer Justin Haynes official image in his designed clothes, Photographer: Andrew Maxwell

Justin Haynes had an exclusive showing this past Saturday of his new ONYX label. Partnered with Apple iPhone, who generated their hashtag links for this event, made this small gathering more remarkable. ONYX Is the Luxury label under the JUS10H brand  inspired by the classics. From JUS10H prints and bold colors to a new classic color palette, ONYX captures the label’s spirit. 

JUS10H is still alive, and we celebrate the brand’s progression. However, will ONYX take the lead?? Will ONYX change the brand??

Follow Justin Haynes on Instagram and also visit his website.

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