Justin Bieber’s documentary will be available on Amazon starting next month. He is preparing for his first concert in three years.

Michael D Ratner will direct the film. The couple filmed their personal moments together.

The film, which has been awaited by many, will capture the Canadian pop star’s 2020 New Years Eve performance. It was his first concert in three years.

It will also track the singer and his crew in the months before the show, which was held in the middle of the pandemic.

Bieber stated in a statement that he believes performing live and connecting with his fans through music are deeply meaningful. I have been blessed to be able to offer a service to others and share my talents to bring joy to them, especially during this difficult and frightening time.

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Justine Bieber shared his excitement about the thriller. He said: “This film documents an intense, exciting time, preparing to return to the stage during this period of real uncertainty. It’s all here: coming together with my team, conquering the obstacles and delivering a special performance, surrounded by family and friends.