Justin Bieber has once again proved that he has eyes on one girl his beautiful spouse Hailey Bieber. JB posted a beautiful photograph from his spouse to his Instagram account on Wednesday and captioned it “Sweet and Sexy.”

According to news, Hailey was wearing an emerald-colored bikini as well as an oversized grey hoodie within the Instagram story.

She could be seen in a tree, taking off a grey, long-sleeved shirt and smiling wide to the cameras.

The golden hairstyle was pulled down, as she left her makeup off and allowed her beautiful natural look to be seen. The picture was snapped during their recently-vacation to the Bahamas.

Justin and Hailey traveled to Jamaica together with their best friends Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend Devin Booker shortly after the Met Gala. The group is now back from their trip that was short.

“They were in private lagoon cottages close to other, and they had a terrific time swimming and wading in the lagoon,” an earlier source previously reported to E! News. They spent lots of time on the water , and performed stand-up paddling. Despite the rain they were able to enjoy the tropical climate and enjoyed their vacation. They stayed three nights before heading back in L.A. on Sunday morning.”

Hailey posted a few photos of the trip earlier in the week which included one shot of her riding a paddleboard as she cuddles with her husband in front of the waterfall.

The singer also shared the video of her performing in the drizzle outside her cottage.

Hailey has been appearing on 4D together with Demi Lovato in the beginning of September and she was discussing her being called “Justin’s wife.” “When you marry someone famous, you can expect that people will respond with”Oh this is the”blah’s wife.’ Baldwin told presenter Lovato, “It doesn’t concern me.”

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“At time’s end I’m not averse to it when someone says”Oh, Justin’s spouse.’ “I’m like, “Yes, I’m Justin’s wife! ‘” she continued.

She has also addressed reports that she believes her pop idol “mistreats her” throughout the conversation.

“There’s this huge, massive story spreading around that Justin isn’t nice to her and he treats her poorly. This could not be more far than the fact. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. I feel extremely blessed to have a partner who appreciates me to the fullest extent as well as makes me feel special each day.