Jurassic Park: Dominion’s official trailer acknowledged some of the series’ ongoing problems, specifically , an utterance made by the doctor. Ian Malcolm.

Jurassic World: Dominion, the third and final installment of the Jurassic World franchise pointed out the flaws of the series in the trailer for the film’s official release. In the three previous films within the wide-ranging Jurassic Park franchise, the primary motive behind all three films has been similar in that the dinosaurs have become bigger and more powerful as each film has progressed. And now, with Dominion getting the dinosaurs from Isla Nublar released into the world and the world at large, this recurrent development has reached its apex.

Dominion is set around four years after what transpired in Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomDominion follows the familiar characters from the series–including Jeffrey Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm–who are grappling with the consequences of the conclusion of the first film. In the final scene the film Fallen Kingdom, the majority of Isla Nublar’s Genetically-engineered dinosaurs were introduced to their respective United States mainland, which could result in devastating effects to Earth in Dominion.. The impact of this action can be seen clearly in the trailer for the film which features the Dr. Ian Malcolm even commenting about the severity of the situation after being confronted by one the biggest predators this franchise ever witnessed – – the brand new Gigantosaurus and he says “Bigger…why do they always have to go bigger?”

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In his post, Malcolm pokes fun at one of the most frequently-repeated issues in the Jurassic World franchise: each film increases the stakes by introducing a larger predatory dinosaur to the mix. The storyline for each film Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was centered around two distinct genetically engineered dinosaurs believed as more dangerous than the previous one to increase each film’s stakes. Even though Dominion’s Gigantosaurus isn’t genetically engineered, the desire to replace the previous big bad with something more powerful and dangerous is ultimately a repetition of the same plot points of the previous films of the franchise.

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