In an interview with W magazine, the actor was also candid about being awed by Meryl Streep. He also discussed the series Leonardo DiCaprio made him watch which he didn’t like of and explained the steps required for him to create Superbad’s sequel.

In the film “Don’t look up”, Jonah Hill’s character is seen carrying the Hermes Birkin bag. The actor has admitted that the bag was his personal preference.

In an interview with the W’s Best Performances issue which was released on Friday, actor Hill discussed his character’s extravagant outfit and being awestruck with Meryl Streep. in the Adam McKay film, Hill plays the son and chief of staff to Meryl Streep’s president Janie Orlean. The part Hill explained in the manner of “if Fyre Festival was a person and that person had power in the White House.”

“He’s in a suit because he works in the White House, but I gave him a Birkin because he’s kind of emulating his mother,” Hill stated about the reasons he made the bag as an accessory. “A large portion of these people worship their dads which I thought was awesome to see him worship his mom. He has always called his mom a total rock star. Isn’t that amazing?”

Hill’s Birkin choice was not the only choice made for a character for the character in the film. Do Not Look at the ceiling the costumer Susan Matheson has revealed that Timothee Chalamet wanted his hairstyle to be similar to that of Tiger King’s Joe Exotic.

Although he was a part of a group of close friends, with a particular focus on Leonardo DiCaprio, Hill admits that he was awestruck upon meeting Streep. “I maybe shook her hand a couple of times,” Hill admitted. They quickly came to develop an “superclose dynamic,” with Hill explaining the fact that Streep’s character was noteworthy.

“She’s so awesome: as a person, as a professional, as an artist,” the actor says. “She was in rehearsal following my departure. She was there prior to me. She’s always in beast mode every day and is awesome. We’d talk for a long time and have a good time to each other, and so the intimidation fades off pretty fast.”

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When he was working on the film, Hill says he lived with DiCaprio and they would both spend evenings watching movies. But, Hill admits there was one show that DiCaprio attempted to convince him to watch, which didn’t like. “Leo made me watch The Mandalorianwhen we were making Don’t Look Up, and it was like, Baby Yoda was so cute, but I just didn’t give a fuck because I didn’t know anything that it was about,” Hill explained, saying that he does not normally watch sci-fi.

In the course of Don’t Look up, Hill also reflected on another of his most memorable roles: Superbad. If asked if he’d be interested in participating in an upcoming sequel to the 2007 film Hill says that he has an idea for the kind of film it could be. “I haven’t presented this idea to anyone. What I’d like to do is, when we’re about 80, I want to make something like Superbad two. As in, ‘old-folks-home Superbad.’ Then, our spouses die, and we’re back on our own. This is what I’d like Superbad become, and it’s one of the ways I could ever achieve it.”