John McAfee, the controversial antivirus software magnate who’d had multiple recent run-ins with the US law, has died at 75. John McAfee, controversial antivirus software mogul, has passed away at the age of 75.} McAfee was awaiting extradition in a Spanish prison after being charged with tax evasion in the United States last year McAfee, who was accused of tax evasion last year in the United States, was being held in Spain while awaiting extradition.}

McAfee, who was in prison near Barcelona at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, was found dead. CNN has been informed by a spokesperson for the Superior Court of Catalonia that McAfee was found dead in his cell at Barcelona prison around 1 p.m. ET. A medical examiner is also on the scene. The cause of death was under investigation, she said.

The Justice Department of Catalonia, which manages the prisons, stated that guards and prison medical personnel tried to save McAfee’s life after McAfee was found. However, they were unsuccessful. According to the statement, “everything suggests” McAfee could have committed suicide.

After a decision by a three-judge panel of Spain’s National Court, Madrid this week McAfee could have been extradited to the United States and face charges there, his death was announced. According to court documents, that decision could have been appealed to another panel of judges at this court.

McAfee was detained in Spain in October, months after he was indicted for tax evasion in the United States. According to court documents, McAfee allegedly failed to pay taxes for four years, despite making millions from consulting work, cryptocurrencies, and the sale of his life story to make a documentary. Indictment did not specify the amount he owed.

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His extradition was approved by the Spanish judges to face charges in relation to the tax years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In a virtual hearing in Spanish court earlier this month, McAfee argued that the US tax evasion charges against him were politically motivated, the Associated Press reported.|McAfee argued in a virtual hearing before a Spanish court that the US tax evasion accusations against him were politically motivated. The Associated Press reported.