John Legend States Chrissy Teigen Performing'Good' amid cyberbullying scandal

John Legend has provided a short update on how his wife Chrissy Teigen is performing throughout the backlash within her being accused of bullying individuals on social websites previously.

In a video posted by TMZ, Legend was requested about Teigen, and that he explained only, “She is doing good.”
Last week”Project Runway” contestant Michael Costello submitted an announcement on his confirmed Instagram accounts stating he”wished to kill me and now that I am traumatized, gloomy, and have thoughts of suicide” after alleged bullying by Teigen in 2014.
Based on Costello, Teigen accused him of being a racist according to what he stated was a”photoshopped remark” he said has been demonstrated to be untrue and shot down.
However, the developer says that he strove to hit out to Teigen to fix her; however, he says he had been rebuffed.
“After I achieved to Chrissy Teigen to convey I was the victim of a vindictive cyber slander, which she believed I was isn’t that I am, she explained my career was that all my doors would be closed out there,” he wrote from his Instagram article, which also has direct messages he stated he obtained from Teigen.

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About Monday Teigen shared with a lengthy moderate piece saying”I had been a troll, complete stop. And I am quite sorry.”
Based on Teigen, you can find”over just a couple” individuals she wants to apologize she states she has been reaching out to a number of the folks she had been mean to independently.
Legend encouraged his wife’s post, tweeting it out of his confirmed Twitter accounts and emphasizing a line she wrote that stated”We’re all over our worst moments”
Additional celebs, such as Zoe Saldana, provided Teigen support following her apology.
Billboard reported the UK singer Leona Lewis took on her confirmed social websites to discuss an embarrassing incident she stated she’d with Costello and also to advocate compassion.
“I believe that if folks apologize (Chrissy) and show true remorse and rehabilitation due to their activities, we ought to adopt them rather than attempt to kick them when they are outside,” Lewis wrote.

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