Joey Chestnut breaks the hot dog eating record... again

The world champion Joey Chestnut set a new world record by eating 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes during Nathan’s Joey Chestnut hot dog eating record… again Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest

This was the 14th consecutive time that the world’s top hot dog eater won the title. He ate 26 more hot dogs than Geoffrey Esper, and Chestnut ate one more.

Michelle Lesco was ranked ninth on the women’s side. She ate 30 3/4 hot dogs, buns, and 6 3/4 more than Sarah Rodriguez, who was runner-up.

Miko Suto, the reigning seven-time champion, didn’t compete this year because she is due to give birth later in the month. In 2020, Sudo set the women’s record with 48.5 hot dogs & buns.

Coney Island was the scene of the annual Fourth of July celebration.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, last year’s contest took place in a private area for media.

Nathan’s claims that legend has it that four immigrants competed in a contest to be patriotic by eating hot dogs at Nathan’s stand on Coney Island.

This contest was first recorded in 1972.

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