A stunning cinched black dress and a VERY trim waist – how did Jessica Simpson manage to lose 100lbs in two months? In fact, she has dropped more than 100 pounds since giving birth to her third child, Birdie, in March. In an equally stunning photo, Jessica holds her youngest daughter on her hip while wearing the same cinched black dress. Her body is certainly a testament to her dedication to her new diet and exercise regimen.

After her recent weight loss, Jessica Simpson flaunted her remarkably trim waist in a new photo posted to her Instagram account. The photo, taken in New York, features her sporting a sexy monochromatic ensemble. The star posed in a black top with lace-detailed sleeves and tight black pants. She completed the look with high heels and a plump nude lip. The actress also captioned the photo with the hashtag “Open Book Looks.”

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Although she reportedly never got paid for her role in Nick Lachey’s music video, she did say she didn’t get paid for her part in the video. Her father, Joe, is gay. She says she never got paid for her appearance in the video and doesn’t regret it at all. And while he may be gay, it’s still a great way to keep the relationship going.

The former supermodel and reality television star is still in a fight with Taco Bell over who owns her clothing line. It’s unclear whether she’ll win the battle for her brand. But the star has offered $65 million to save her fashion empire. Although she never became a billionaire, she made $13 million or less from her clothing business. She partnered with Walmart Fashion for her new jewelry line, but her business didn’t do so. The company she worked with last year declared bankruptcy, and Sequential Brands Group Inc., the company she co-founded, has been unable to pay its bills.

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